The Blog…

I want to write

The primary reason why I started this blog was to improve my writing and go „out there“ with it. It is as simple as that.

Wondering about social behaviour

The second reason I grabbed the chance of starting a blog was, that I more and more often found myself wondering in which direction our society is heading. It strikes me that we are becoming more and more selfish, unconsidered and mean and I wanted to share my experiences with you. I want to know if there are more people who are also wondering about social behaviour. 

My life in a nutshell

I have already mentioned on the site „About me“ that this blog has become more personal over the years, so you are going to get to know me a little better, especially as I am not holding back with my opinion. In the end it is only that: my point of view.

Mountain Lover

Last but not least, I love to write about my adventures in the mountains and my pure love for the mountains. You are gonna read about me hiking, trail running, mountain biking and sometimes even climbing. There are setbacks but also a lot of accomplishment. So I hope. 🙂 

My life in pictures

As important as the writing on a blog are the pictures and I highly recommend Pixabay as a source of great pictures and illustrations. I am using some of them on my blog next to photos taken by myself.

I hope you stop by from time to time and enjoy reading my blog.






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