About me

I am in my thirties now, living with my man in a little town in Lower Austria. A house, no kids, but a pet.

I love:  hiking, trail running, mountain biking, reading (a lot) and listening to podcasts. My current favourites are Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell, Socialette with Steph Taylor and Learning French by podcast. I love travelling and get to know foreign countries and culture.

I don`t like: dishonesty, violence, hate, intolerance, frustrating situations.

I originally started this blog because I wanted to write about the things I am wondering about in life, social life in particular. Over the years this blog became more and more personal and I started to write stories about my life too, especially about my experiences in the mountains. You can say, this blog became more and more blog for mountain lovers like myself. I love being outdoor, enjoy the Natur while hiking, biking or running up mountains.

I am still a rookie in mountain sports, only hiking comes natural to me. So, on this blog you can join me on my journey becoming a skilled mountainbiker and trailrunner – so I hope – with all the failures and setbacks that come with it. 😉




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