It’s the small things

I am currently a bit sidetracked and can’t muster as much time and energy for this blog as I would like. My time after work runs into either projects or into my own business. As I’m also running a weekly blog for my business website now and still haven’t finished my own marketing strategy, I kind of have to neglect my personal blog. And I have to admit that I am playing with the idea of closing it down for good. Which is a tough decision to make because I love writing in English and about my adventures in the mountains. But I also have to think about my own wellbeing and running two weekly blogs, a business, a full-time job and a happy life altogether is a bit too much and changes are due. But for now, I am taking it easy and try to write at least irregularly about my personal life and my love for the mountains. Maybe, if I stop stressing about it, things will fall into place.

Small things do

Unfortunately, said love for the mountains is also suffering nowadays. It is May and I still haven’t been on a proper hike. A shame, I know. I’ve only made it to short hikes up the hills in our area. But you know what? It has been as relaxing and refreshing as an ascent of Schneeberg or Rax. 😊 It seems, as long as I am out in nature and with the right people every walk is as good as a trip to the mountains. We are very lucky though, because only a short car-drive lies between our home town and the lower mountains in our region. There is even a tiny mountain range right next to us, where we can easily go on our bikes.

Yes, we are definitely very lucky to live where we live. It is just the right mix between city life with all its benefits and nature. I love our park, where I spend my time regularly because of my new running routine. The park is utterly beautiful and you can even see deer there. In the middle of the city. No joke.  I am always enjoying my time there, because it calms me down.

And of course, there is our regional mountain range, the Hohe Wand. Which is one of my happy places, together with the steeper and smaller mountain range opposite. No, you can say I love it there even more. Because I love the view from there. You have the Hohe Wand right in front and the Schneeberg is also in good sight. Yes, this is really one of my happy places. This has been the only place so far, where I could sit down for minutes and just be. You know, I have my difficulties with being in the moment and it’s there where I can be just that.

Enjoy what you have

It doesn’t always have to be the highest mountain in the area, the steep one is just as good. This applies to many things in life. I am the most happy when my man and I stay at home and enjoy our garden, a self-made meal and the things we have. Or when we go for a walk, for a hike or a tour on our bikes. We don’t need expensive cars, designer clothes or top interior design. We would always swap a new gadget for a day together outdoors. We know we have a little paradise just around the corner and we don’t need to go on expensive trips to be in the mountains.

Same with travelling. We don’t need expensive hotels and overboarding buffets. We just want to be among the people, enjoy their food, talk with them and learn from them.

I think, we are so spoiled nowadays. We have everything and it seems it still isn’t enough. That’s sad. And kind of dangerous. Greed is dangerous. We should come down and be grateful for what we have. It’s the small things that make us the happiest.

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