Ending splitboard season in Zell am See

View from Kitzsteinhorn in Salzburg.

Last weekend we spent our weekend in Zell am See, Salzburg. My man had to go for business and I took the chance and went with him, so we could celebrate the end of our splitboard season snowboarding on Kitzsteinhorn.

Catching up with old friends

But snowboarding wasn`t the only thing I was eager to do. I was also looking forward to this weekend because I had already been to Zell am See when I was 16. I had to do an internship for school and spent three months in this beautiful place. I loved it here and I made some friends. With one of them I am still in touch and we arranged to catch up this weekend. We haven’t seen each other in 20 years. Therefore, we had a lot of catching up to do. A lot of things happen in 20 years. 😊 My friend is also passionate about mountain sports, so there was enough fodder for conversation and I went home with several tips for hiking and splitboarding in this area. As a result, I am now planning to spend a weekend here in autumn with my man to go for my first ascent of a 3000-metre-mountain. 😊 And hopefully we are going to meet my friend again. I don’t want another 20 years to past.

Bad weather, good mood

Unfortunately, the weather in Zell am See hasn`t been the best to say the least. Rain, rain, rain and even more rain since our arriving. We originally had planned to go boarding on Friday and Saturday but agreed to dismiss Friday due to the rain and fog on Kitzsteinhorn. We found other things to do. One of them was a run around the lake. I did ok, but not as good as my trainer would have wished for. Anyway, the run in the rain was quite beautiful and peaceful. We really enjoyed it and the endorphins did a good job on lifting our rain-sour mood.

Finally, on Saturday we made our way up the Kitzsteinhorn. Kitzsteinhorn near Zell am See is a beautiful mountain where you can ski almost the whole year round. And the view from up there is impressive.  The perfect place to forget all about duties and just be in the moment. The weather was still not the best. The fog had swallowed up Kitzsteinhorn. But we were lucky. The sun graciously made an appearance on top of the mountain and our faces lightened up immediately. We couldn’t wait to put on our boards. I had to pause two months due to an injury and was a bit nervous about my performance. But I did actually really well. I had so much fun boarding, especially because it really felt like boarding for the first time. So cool! I was so happy, and still am. An I didn’t hurt myself, which made this day even better. 😉 We had a really nice time and we made it a brilliant end of season for our boards and us.

I am so glad we did this trip. It has been a welcome break from daily routine. I hadn’t been on a longer trip since summer and I can say, it was about time. A weekend trip is perfect for recreation and resetting. Although I had to do some work for my business, I now feel relaxed, content and grounded. It was the right mix between friends-time, relaxing and action. Just the way we like it.

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