Torn: in between seasons

With out Splitborards on the way to Günther Haus on Stuhleck. One of the last weekends of the season.

My new found love

It’s the end of February and I find myself torn between seasons. Due to my new-found love of snowboarding, more so splitboarding, I’m experiencing a new love for winter because I am finally able to make the best out of this season spending it as often as possible in the mountains. Like I prefer doing during the rest of the year. Until now, I always had to take a forced break from the mountains because I’ve never been a winter’s person and hadn’t found a suitable winter sports for me. Might have something to do with my surname.. 😉 I really tried. I went skiing and even retrieved my bob from our basement. Nothing really fit me. Nothing felt right. Luckily, I finally found my thing – thanks to my man – and that’s a satisfying feeling to say the least.

Running: an old love revived

But still, besides finally enjoying winter without impatiently counting the days until spring I catch myself now looking forward to spring anyway. That’s my dilemma: I want to deepen my skills in snowboarding, i.e. I have to, on the few weekends with enough snow left but at the same time I am longing for spring. I love our garden in spring, the tulips, the trees, busy bees and hummingbirds… I love not having to wear several layers of clothes plus a winter jacket, I love wandering around watching people happily enjoying their first coffee in the sun. Most of all, I love running in spring. Although we are running all the year round (there is no bad weather, only wrong clothes…and so on), running in spring is my favourite: the temperatures are just right – not unbearably hot and my thighs aren’t feeling like ice anymore – the landscape is colourful, days are longer….what’s not to love about spring?

Torn between seasons

So here I am, torn between my favourite sports and between two awesome seasons. In Winter I fell in love with my splitboard, last summer I fell in love with running again after having lost my love for it a few years ago. Running helps me clearing my head and organizing my thoughts, splitboarding enables me to think of nothing at all. It’s the end of February, there are only a few weekends left for splitboard tours and I’m feeling sad thinking about it. But at the same time I am delighted spring is just around the corner. When one door closes, another opens. New adventures are waiting, there are new challenges on my to-do-list I’m going to face and definitely new failures (because we are speaking about me here and if I am really good at one thing, it’s failures, but there will also be new accomplishments to experience.

Instead of feeling sad I am now going to embrace the last weekends in the snow and collect precious moments to remember. And when spring finally arrives I’ll be more than ready to start into a new season with new adventures to come.

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