Christmas Time: retrospect and new goals

Looking from the Hohe Wand in winter and forward to a new year .

In one week’s time it is Christmas Eve. I can’tbelieve another year is nearly over. Come Christmas is going to be a hard one because it is the first Christmas without our Grandpa. It still hasn’t sunk in completely that he is no longer with us. I am sure it is going to become real sometime, but it will take a bit longer than a few weeks to really fathom.

I know, Christmas time should be a time of happiness and a time for being grateful. This year I am mostly thankful for the fact that it’s going to be over soon. 2018 was a disaster in some parts of my life and I am really looking forward to its ending. Yes, there were also a lot of good things in 2018 including my graduation and a lot of outdoor adventures and quality time with my man. But the deaths of my grandfather and his 92-year-old sister, my hero in so many ways, as well as a disease of another family member throw a big shadow over it. 

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured

The time around Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also the time for some serious thinking, especially this year. After my recent confrontation with death I am even more into enjoying life every day.  I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions – I don’t want to quit on wine, lose weight, eat healthier etc. – but I am a fan of personal development. Some things in life are not in our hands but things that are I want to create the way I want them. Just recently I searched for a quote for my brother’s new tattoo and stumbled over one, that captures my attitude to life in one sentence: “Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.”( Gordon B. Hinckley).  This quote sums it all up for me. I don’t want to live a life half-heartedly or after rules and expectations of others. I want to live a life worth living. My brother has chosen it for his tattoo and I wish for his life to be just like that.

Life goal: quit things that make you unhappy

Easier said than done? Maybe. But a change is worth the effort. The thing that make most of us miserable in our lives is the job. So many people are unhappy in their jobs but only a few have the guts to really start over again. We spend a great part of our time at work and if it makes us  unhappy, our whole life becomes unhappy. That’s why I say: If you are unhappy in your job, look for another one. One that actually makes you happy. A job that full-fills your life, not a job that only pays the bills. Money is very important, I can’t deny that. We need it to keep a certain state of contentment and security. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something we really enjoy for a living, or at least on the side.

First, we need to find “our thing” and then look for ways to make it our job.  Yes, it means hard work and it isn’t done in a day. It needs time to sort things out. But I am sure, if we stay with it we are going to succeed and end up with our dream job.

It’s the same with relationships. If we are unhappy, we need to change that. I know it’s hard but nobody wants to waste time in an unhappy or even unhealthy relationship only because of fear of the consequences. That also includes relationships with relatives and friends. Our family and friends should be a source of energy, not the opposite. If someone turns out to be an energy thieve you might want to cut him or her out of your life.

Leaving our comfort zone: We only have one life

Yes, because that’s what we need to remind us of: We only have one life. We must not waste it. I know that we can’tchange everything as there will always be things we don’t like, but we need to change what we actually can change ourselves. The thought of leaving our comfort zone might be frightening at first, but believe me: it will so be worth it. We don’t learn from staying in the place we already are. We learn by making changes, we learn by taking chances and we learn even more by making mistakes. If you are not willing to risk making them, you will be bound to your life as it is with all its miserable parts. Nobody else can do it for you. Only you can make your life worth living.

New Year’s resolution

So, if you find yourself in an unhappy place, 2019 might become your year. That’s what New Year’s resolutions should be about: look back, record your status quo and work out a plan for achieving your new goal of becoming happy in every changeable aspect of your life. You don’t have to quit your job or what else is your source of unhappiness right away. Rushing into it can easily turn out being a bad idea. If you want a change, take your time working on it. You need to be patient, because it will take some time before you see results.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. But you need to make a start right away. Just do it now. Sit down and make a plan. And don’t be afraid of the consequences. You might be scared at times, even uncertain about your choice and you might want to quit it, but if imagining yourself in the future doing what you love and with the ones you love still makes you smile, keep on going.

With that said, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019, filled with love and new adventures!



PS: I am going to take a blog-break over the holidays and work on my masterplan for the new year. So, see you in 2019. 🙂

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