Must-see for Mountain Lover: Freeride Film Festival

Schneeberg, the Breite Ries, in winter. A paradise for free riders

Recently I opened a new category on my blog for introducing books for mountain lovers. NowI decided to expand this category and include movies as well. There are so many great movies out there which are a must-see for all those whose hearts start to swell with utter happiness outdoors and in the mountains.

I am going to write about inspiring movies from and about famous climbers and mountaineers and about film festivals I attended, where several short movies are shown to a broader public in different cities.

Freeride Film Festival Vienna

The Freeride Film Festival has taken place for the ninth time this year. After stops in Germany, Switzerland and Austria the last show was in Vienna on 15th  November and we had the pleasure to be part of it. Five movies about freeriding were on the agenda and the film makers themselves made a live appearance in the Gartenbaukino in Vienna.

The first three movies are shown in the first part of the show, two movies in the second part, each of them followed by interviews with the protagonists and the film team. After the break there was a raffle with great prizes to win, the first prize a heli skiing trip to Canada B.C.! A visit to the festival is definitely a win, even if you don’t win a prize, because the movies – all of them- were absolutely marvellous.

La Luce Infinita

This film was the opener to the festival in Vienna. Freeride World Champion Arianne Tricomi went for a trip with her friends to a tiny village in Norway. The only thing in their mind was freeriding as much as they could and having a good time with the citizens of Bergsfjord. The landscape is breath-taking in Norway: the combination of snowy mountains and the sea is just perfect. I wanted to go to Norway right away! I very much liked the style of the movie and Arienne herself made an appearance in Vienna.: a very sympathetic and humorous woman who rides down the mountains like she was born on skis.

Evolution of Dreams

This movie is about two women, Eva Walkner and Jackie Paaso, who found their love for freeriding later in their lives after they had to end their professional careers in ski racing and moguls skiing due to injuries. Both women love the mountains and their newfound passion, but they also had to deal with injuries again which put their new project at risk: freedride the west flank of the Eiger in Switzerland. An awe-inspiring movie about two women living their dreams.

The Skypiercer

New Zealand has it all. A paradise for hikers, climbers, surfers and mountain bikers. Which is a good thing because if you want to ride down Mt. Cook, the highest mountain of New Zealand, you need something to do if the weather isn’t the best for yourbig adventure. So that’s what Sam Smoothy and his friends did: climbing,surfing and mountain biking – until they could finally start their ascent up Mt. Cook. For me, this movie shows how important patience is in the life of a free rider. And it made me want to go to New Zealand – right after Norway. 😉

Eis und Palmen

Two freeriders on their way from Germany to Nice to ride as many mountains as possible. Buuuut: they are on their way only on their bikes. No motor allowed. I watched in awe how those guys made about 35.000 metres of altitude and 1.800 kilometres on their bikes and on foot up the impressively mountains in the Alps. Great scenery and a very funny and inspiring movie. You can’t imagine the places where Max and Jochen had to sleep. :-O


A must-see for every snowboarder. I am not even a snowboarder but I felt like going out and start boarding the second I laid eyes on the perfect lines those guys rode in this movie. The Zillertaler landscape seems to be the most perfect place tobe in winter. You see them snowboarding and pow surfing in untouched powder and steep mountains. Impressive and inspiring as hell. More so, you are allowed totake a look at the studio of Wolle where he is working on his Äsmo Pow Surfers without binding. I think you could say this movie was my favourite. It definitely was the most infectious because I am seriously thinking about becoming a snowboarder now. 😉 Unfortunately, I am still the world’s worst skier and should learn skiing first. Two boards should be easier to handle for someone as clumsy as me….;-)

Film Festivals to come

In the following months there are some more festivals to come. Tomorrow we are going to visit the European Outdoor Film Tour. In March starts the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Austria where you can also see lots of inspiring movies all around outdoor sports. If you are into water sports or stories around oceans in general, the International Ocean Film Tour might be for you(starting in April in Austria). In May we visited the Sörf Film Fest in Vienna,hosted by the same people than the Freeride Film Festival, and if it is goingto take place in 2019 it is a must for every surfer or “water-people” ingeneral.

You see, there is always the next film festival around the corner and I highly recommenda visit. Nothing is as inspiring as watching people doing what they love the most.

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