Trail run: A perfect natural mood elevator

After reaching the peak, I'm obviously in a good mood. Perfect for a mighty pose.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the joys of autumn. A sunny autumn, that is. Since about aweek we are having grey, rainy and foggy autumn weather which is something I amnot that into. Yes, I do like to relax with a good book in front of our fireplace in the evening. Very much, indeed. Everything is quieter, even peopleseem to be less loud and euphoric. That’s what I like about bad weather.

Without sunshine I am screwed

On the other hand, I am very dependent on the sun. My mood is. I am in a much better mood when the sun is shining. I have more energy, I am happier and I am busy planning new projects due to the energy boost of sunshine. Without sun I am tired all day, my mood could be better and I have to do loads of persuading to get things going. In the beginning of autumn I’m even struggling with my training routine (min. 4 times a week) and there is a change in the type of the training. In autumn I change one to two sessions of bodyweight training for Yoga or Pilates because my body seems to develop a need for a serener kind of workout. It has been this way for the last couple of years.

Running helps my mood on foggy days

But what I appreciate this time of the year is my increased desire for a run. I am not a very good runner because I don’t have the physics for it, but I very much like it. That’s why my performance is decent. It could be better, though. Anyway, in summer I have difficulties with running because of the humid heat. I am not a morning runner, so I can’t avoid the heat. In autumn though, temperatures are just like I need them.

As I mentioned above, I need a bit of persuading myself to get things going on a foggy day. It’s the same thing when going for a run. But if I’m struggling with my motivation I imagine the feeling after the run. How awesome it feels after the endorphins kicked in. It helps in 99% of times. If you have experienced this just once, the memory should help you for the rest of time to muster all your energy.

Trail running is even better

If running in the local park is doing the trick, believe me, a trail run is even better on bad weather days in autumn: you have the benefit of colourful woods, a great view and maybe even watching wild animals in their natural habitat. 😉 Most of all, a trail run is really challenging, because most of the time you are running uphill.I experienced the magic of it only yesterday and got reconfirmed. It was a grey and foggy day, no chance of the tiniest sunshine. We went to a near small range of mountains and went up to one of the peaks. Not too steep, just a bit. It was enough for me and my lungs anyway. As I said, I am not that good a runner. But my man applauded me, so I think my performance wasn’t too bad. 😉

Of course I couldn’t run every part of the route, but I tried my best and ended up doing kind of an interval training: running, going, running, going. At least in the steepest parts. Anyway, I did quite good and I think an advancement is noticeable. An advancement in my mood was definitely palpable. That’s for sure. And that’s even though we couldn’t enjoy a nice view. Only grey…. and grey….. and grey.

Me being silly on the peak. I am quite a show off it seems.

Natural mood elevator par excellence

You see, I might not be into the grey and foggy autumn weather, but I am very much into the effects of outdoor training and (trail) running as one of these in particular. I know it costs a bit of strength to go outside and into the grey, but I promise every minute of it will be worth it. More so, your mindset will adapt to it and with every time you persuaded yourself to go for a run, although the couch looks very intriguing, it will get easier until the day you can’t wait to go for a run or even a trail run, regardless of the “bad” weather. As a result, your mood will change for the better and after a few weeks you are going to be happy and full of energy not only on sunny days.

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