Diversity: Our world is varied

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On the 11th of October is Coming Out Day. It is celebrated since 1988, but I have to admit that I only learned about it last week. Thanks to social media. Coming Out Day has been celebrated all over the world. Since I am following Human Rights Campaign on Social Media a video found its way into my news feed. The video is about the coming out stories of gays, among them celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Jillian Michaels, Jodie Foster and many more, and it made me thinking. There are still too many people in our world living in fear of the reactions of their family, friends and acquaintances if they come clean about who they really are. And I think that sucks. Big time.

The human kind has different faces

It’s 2018, so why is it still so difficult to accept diversity of the human kind? Coming Out Day is a very important day because we should be reminded of the struggles of gay people coming out of the closet. They still have to struggle in 2018. I can’t get my head around that. I don’t know why it is so difficult for still too many people to accept that being gay is a normal thing. It is the same as being heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, disabled, black, white, male or female. It is human nature.
I grew up in a small village in Lower Austria, where the residents have always been sceptical of otherness. The eldest still are, maybe of foreigners and gays in particular. I still don’t know why. Nevertheless, me and my brother became open-minded and liberal people. We don’t differentiate between gays, homosexuals, transgenders, disabled persons, foreigners and we definitely don’t judge or bully them. What about the people who grew up in cities where people tend to be more open-minded than in small villages, somehow cut off from the “real world” a I liked to say?

Stop bullying and embrace diversity

Unfortunately, bullying is what still happens. A lot. Gay people are bullied, transgenders are bullied, disabled are bullied, black people are bullied and even women are still not taken seriously by men. That’s sad, but it is true. That is reality for a lot of people who are “different” in the eyes of “normal” people. I’m asking you: who declares, who makes the definition of what is normal and what is not? As we are all humans, no one is in the position to call a fellow “different from the norm”. Because the norm, if you ask me, is the human kind which is per se a race with different colours, languages, genders and sexual orientation. I think we should be grateful for the differences of our kind. It makes the world a colourful place, a place full of unique humans, every single one of them with a unique life story behind. I think those differences equal a wonder.

Coming Out Day: It should be a given to be the real you

In 2018 nobody should have to be afraid of living the life he or she wants do live. Every human being should be able to live the best life possible. Without bullying and isolation. It is on us to create a world defined by brotherly love and tolerance. I am so sick of the hate in social networks and the sulky mood surrounding us. Days like the Coming Out Day should remind us of the lack of tolerance in our world and of the fact that we all are responsible for making our world a better place. Let’ start today and look at our world with different eyes. Let’s make it a place worth living in for our kids where they don’t have to be afraid of being human.

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