Outdoor adventures in golden autumn

The view from Sonnleitstein to Schneeberg.

I don’t know how you feel, but isn’t this time of the year the most beautiful? Especially this year because autumn shows us his best side: no fog but bright sunshine, blue skies and the most colourful landscape.

Hiking season at its best

Autumn is the best time for outdoor-adventures. The air is fresh and not as humid as in summer, thunderstorms are rare and the weather more stable. It goes without saying that my man and I ran for the mountains on the weekend. This time we chose a mountain near my home village which isn’t as famous as the Rax or Schneeberg and therefore there are less people. Especially this time of the year said mountains are run over by hundreds of people during the weekends and we are avoiding them as best as we can.  On “our” mountain, there isn’t even a mountain hut, not so speak of a restaurant. It is all about the ascent in pure nature and tranquillity.

Conquer the peak

The ascent is quite challenging if you haven’t the demanded stamina. You make 900 metres of altitude and it is really mean that mid-hike you reach a top, but only to look up to the even higher mountain peak. So you do need stamina, not only physical but psychological.

However, your effort will be rewarded after reaching the top of the mountain. The view from up there is breath-taking. You just can see everything. The panorama is really a stunner and worth every second of pain in your calves. 😉

We spent half an hour up there. Just looking around us and taking in all the impressions. We nearly made a game out of guessing which mountain is which. Although we are quite experienced and have been to a lot of the mountains we saw up there, there are still some we don’t know that good and had to guess the name. Thank Goodness for the Peakfinder app. 😉

The descent was a quick one because we chose to run the last kilometres, because walking down a boring forest road isn’t for us.

Our reward: a dainty dish at Mom’s and “The Dawn Wall”

Lucky us, my Mum lives just nearby and I invited us at her house for lunch. The best thing after a good hike is good food and we stuffed our faces with meat and potatoes and afterwards, of course, a delicious cake. You can say we were spoiled. 🙂

Stuffed like that we went to the cinema to watch Tommy Caldwell’s and Kevin Jorgensen’s movie “The Dawn Wall”. If you didn’t have the chance to watch it, please do! It is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Yes, it is sometimes a bit too emotional (we would say “American” 😉 ) but watching the two climbers doing an epic first ascent on the Dawn Wall on El Capitan is something I won’t forget soon. Their struggles, their success and their joy – infectious.

Now I’m waiting for Alex Honnold’s movie “Free Solo”, which should be released in Austria any day now. I hope it will.

Outdoor-exercise is the best way to get a clear head

This weekend’s hiking trip has been awesome. It has been even greater because on Friday we visited my Granddad and he is better now. He can talk, he can eat and he can walk with the help of his therapist. So you can say there was some good news and I was feeling lighter than during the past weeks which made it easy to relax, surrounded by mountains, a breath-taking view and golden woods: nothing could have been better.

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