A Mountain Lover in the Lowlands

Biking around the Neusiedlersee with the family.

This weekend has been quite a change to our usual weekend activities. We didn’t go for a hike, there was no bike park and no mountain in sight at all. The only thing slightly similar has been spending a certain amount of time on our bikes. Only this time in the lowlands. THE lowland in Austria, in Burgenland.

No mountains but one of the biggest lakes in Austria

Us kids have given our father a bike tour as a Christmas gift and on Saturday we finally made it happen (just in time before next Christmas is due). We agreed to make a tour around a part of the Neusiedlersee in Burgenland. At 10 a.m. on Saturday (after the world’s worst breakfast at the local restaurant) we started the tour with the ferry from Rust to Podersdorf. The trip on the ferry takes about an hour. Luckily, there were drinks and our ferry companions were in a very jovial mood. By the end of the trip they were even singing. Maybe the wine and beer had kicked in. 🙂 As you can imagine, we had a good laugh and therefore were in the best mood for starting cycling. About time, after all the eating and drinking. 😉

Family time at its best: outdoor!

I really enjoyed our family trip. Not only because of the great nature and the cute villages we were passing through. It has been great because it was about time for my father, my brother and his girlfriend, my man and me to do something together. And as an outdoor enthusiast, I was very happy to do something active outdoor. The bike trip around the lake has been the best choice. Although my sister-in-law would have preferred a little less kilometres (we made 53 km! 🙂 ), in the end we all had a great time. The weather has been perfect, the people good-humoured and our spirit high. Even the food at a Heuriger in St. Margareten has been beyond delicious.

In the flow – be in the moment.

What I like best about outdoor activities is that I can forget about everything else and just be in the moment. It is like my life, my worries, everything is on pause. Nothing else is as relaxing as doing some exercise – either outdoor or indoor. Even a simple and short workout at home can do. But I prefer outdoor adventures. They last longer and the nature itself is an important factor for recreation.

On top of that, nature always offers you a reward for your efforts: a breath-taking view, colourful landscapes and maybe even meeting new people.

Take some time out for your family

Our bike tour on Saturday had it all: family time, outdoor exercise (the flow) and lots of fun. It has been great to get away from everyday life and focus on something that really matters: time with our family.

Our lives are all about appointments, work and other duties. We tend to forget taking some time for our family because we think there is no time left. I often think, I don’t know how to handle all my appointments for one week. I know, there is a lot to do and we may not find the time every week, but we should at least try to make some effort. It is important to make priorities and in the end one thing is clear: nothing is as important as time with your family.

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