Aflenzer Bürgeralm: A perfect weekend in the Styrian mountains

View from Schönleitenhaus.

In celebration of my man’s birthday we took off to a trip to the mountains. Our destination: the beautiful Aflenzer Bürgeralm in Styria, Austria. I expected it to be beautiful, but I didn’t know which jewel this alp is. Cute little houses and huts for summer guests, a nice little restaurant – the perfect chil-out area – and lush grass: a paradise for numerous cows. And for people of every age and interests.

Bürgeralm in summer: hiker’s and biker’s paradise

The Bürgeralm offers countless possibilities for hikers. A lot of peaks are waiting for your visit, as are a few via ferratas and climbing routes in and around the Hochschwab. The mountain range looks very impressive but you can reach the highest peak on a normal trail. Be aware, that you need a certain condition because the way from Seewiesen for instance is a long one. We didn’t go for the highest peak but went up the Feistringstein. Well, my man did. Since it is a via ferrata of difficulty C, I didn’t make it. Not without a via ferrata set. Anyway, you can rest right opposite the peak and the view from there is striking too.

Last year the Aflenzer Bürgeralm opened its gates for mountain bikers. There are three trails down from the top of the mountain, two flow trails and one single trail (“AB-Trail”) for the hard-boiled. You can take the chairlift up and safe the energy for the downhill trails. As I’m a rookie, I only managed to ride on the two flow trails. I wasn’t that compatible with the first one (“Pierergut-Trail”) to be honest, but the other day I rode down the second flow trail (“Windgrubentrail”) which I liked very much. But I know I still have a lot to learn. Lack of practice is not that funny as it could be. Anyway, the trails are a great way to spend your time. More so, because the constructors took the Canadian trails as inspiring examples and installed several North Shore elements. A big playground for ambitious mountain bikers.

Schönleitenhaus: an Alpine hut with a magic touch for their guests

Our accommodation for the weekend was Schönleitenhaus at 1810 metres of altitude. The location couldn’t have been better: located right opposite the Hochschwab. The alpine hut offers delicious food and comfy sleeping quarters. We stayed in a 4-bedroom, which was absolutely ok for two nights.  I felt like on a school trip. 🙂 And there is everything you need. The innkeeper, an old lady of 70 years, treated us like her own kids and spoiled us with Schnitzel and the best Kaiserschmarrn. 🙂 Her son entertained us with stories about his life as a mountain and ski guide. Moreover, he gave as valuable tips for our upcoming trips. The departure was a hard one, not only because of the breath taking view and the fresh air. We all had developed a soft spot for our maternal innkeeper and weren’t in a hurry to say goodbye to her.

Anytime again for the perfect getaway

The Aflenzer Bürgeralm is a must for all mountain lovers and anybody who hearts nature and outdoor activities. In summer you can hike, climb and ride your bikes on downhill trails as well as on longer mountainbike trails uphill, surrounded by striking landscapes. In winter you can take your snowboard and skies to Bürgeralm and enjoy the time in a dreamlike snowscape. The region is also very popular among the ski touring community.

We had an absolute perfect time this weekend. My man had the perfect birthday in the mountains with his friends. There isn’t anything as sustaining as a time out in peaceful seclusion, far away from all the stress in life and full of fun activities and new impressions. A few days away from home, where you feel like home because of the amiable people and the beautiful nature.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into your car and go on an adventure in good old Styria.


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