Goodbye Summer!

View from Rosalia in Lower Austria.

I’m sitting at the desk, staring out at the window and what I see, doesn’t make me happy. It is cloudy, rainy and gloomy. Every year it’s the same: around my birthday at the end of August our beloved summer prepares to make way for autumn. The air at night get’s cooler, the grass is wet in the morning, the first leaves fall to the ground and foggy mornings predominate. It takes some time to get used to it again. No more hot and sunny days until next year. Saying goodbye to summer really makes me sad. More so, because our summer 2018 has been a blast.

Retrospect: Mountain Biking and Trail Running

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor adventures. The days are long, the mood is bright and motivation seems endless. Summer is the time for long evenings with friends at bars, barbecues and – of course – lots of activities in the mountains. This year, we laid our focus on mountain biking and trail running. Normal hikes happened too, but weren’t the main focus. Both my man and I got a new mountain bike. It was only natural to spend a great amount of our spare time on our bikes. They needed to be tested and the ultimate test for my bike has been a downhill trail in East Tyrol. My man was the driver though. He had left his own new bike at home because he didn’t expect to have the opportunity for riding a fully down a flowtrail. 😉 Anyway, one can say we did a lot of mountain biking in summer.
We are lucky to live in a region surrounded by hills for a quick run or a bike trip and in decent driving distance to higher mountains and bike parks. We spend our summer either on our bikes or running up the hills. Trail running is something we only started at the beginning of the year and we love it. You can read about that in my post about trail running.

Hiking at its best – Kaiserschmarrn is calling

Besides mountain biking and trail running we did some great hikes too. The ones in East Tyrol and Carinthia during our vacation were the best. Long and demanding hikes with breath-taking views and delicious food as a reward. For the best Kaiserschmarrn you may want to step by at “Seehütte” in Faak am See. My man did a bit of a tasting during our trip and devoured about six Kaiserschmarrn in Carinthia and East Tyrol. The one in “Lucknerhütte” wasn’t bad either.

Bright outlook for autumn

Summer might be over, but outdoor sport isn’t. You know the saying: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. And to be honest, I love autumn nearly as much as I love summer. I prefer running in cooler seasons because I have my difficulties running in the heat. I am stronger than in summer, because I have more energy. My body isn’t busy cooling down 24/7 during a heat wave and has enough strength left for sports. The trees are sporting a multi-coloured dress of leaves, the blue of the sky is even brighter than in summer and the feeling of the autumn sun warming my skin is one of my favourites.
Outdoor sport might be even more fun in autumn. It definitely is more colourful and instead of a jump into a pool you can relax in a sauna. I couldn’t decide which one I like more even if you forced me.
Every season has its benefits. In the end it is on us what we make of it.

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