Hang loose – Living a laid-back life

Relaxing on a wooden hammock.

The term “Hang loose” has its origins in Hawaii as a greeting among surfers. It means something like “stay loose”,  “relax” , “it’s cool”.  It comes with a well-known hand gesture, the Shaka. This form of greeting is still used among surfers around the world. And it is also used by skydivers and that’s where I stumbled over it.  You know….last Saturday….when I jumped out of a plane….:-) Still can’t believe it.

Endless To-Do-Lists

Hang loose….I very much like that. Maybe because I’m still working on myself and the ability to relax. I’m constantly thinking about things I have to do, about a To-Do-list that is still getting longer although I am working on it every day. My man just said, I should have lots of time now my study is over. The thing is, I don’t. My study has been replaced by at least five other things I have to do. So, my head is full of thoughts about my next tasks and plans. Fortunately, those things are good things, things I really am happy to plan and think about. Nevertheless, my head is full and I can’t say I’m chilled.

Just relax!

So that’s why I am a bit jealous of people who are able to live in the moment, fully taking in the surroundings and think about nothing at all. After our skydive we weren’t in a hurry to leave and chatted about our experiences. The skydivers took a break and chilled in the shadow of the hangar on seat cushions. Just watching them made me feel even better. They were so laid back and happy, surrounded by a feeling of ease and content. What’s not to like about that?

That attitude: that’s what I want for myself. And that’s what I am still trying to achieve every day. Even though there is always something to do, I try to take a step back and make priorities. And the first one is to come down after a long day, work out to make the endorphins flowing, followed by a proper chill-out. Our new Jacuzzi is helping a lot these days. Not only because it is hot as hell. It is a way to just sit down, without a phone, without a book or anything else. Just sit down in cool water and think about nothing. Or just talking with my man which is as equally important. No distractions.

Take your time and enjoy the world you live in

Chilling for a few hours from time to time is awesome. But it is not enough. I want more. I want to be more relaxed in every part of my life. I want to stay cool in every situation and I want to really see what happens around me. Oftentimes I miss so much because I don’t really look at things. I love the mountains, the view, the nature, but do I really see it? Really enjoy the moments? Stay calm and laid-back. That’s how I understand “hang loose”. Keep cool, relax and take in the world you live in.

I don’t know, maybe it is a matter of character. Maybe there are the chilled ones and the busy ones. But I’m not convinced. I think, we can all learn to live in the moment. We just have to remind ourselves, that nothing really matters as much as being happy. If we are constantly stressed-out we can’t be really happy because of the lack of me-time and time with our beloved ones. Therefore, I’m going to try to switch the tasks on my to-do-list with the task of enjoying precious moments when they appear and the task of keeping my cool in certain situations. I think everyone should do so. Our lives are too busy, too stressful these days. If we don’t try to really live and remind ourselves what really matters in our lives, we are going to lose ourselves. And nobody wants that.

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