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Another Way - One Way.

I’m now three weeks into my internship in Online_Marketing. The first days – ok, weeks – were a challenge for me. The constant input of new information was overwhelming and my brain full to bursting. During these first days I fell asleep at 9 p.m. sharp. Even while watching our favourite Netflix-Series.

I’m totally dedicated

Now I can say, I got used to the buzz and I am very into my new tasks. Every day is filled with exciting new tasks. Besides, I am working on a social media strategy for the company and some other long-term projects which are going to accompany me until the end of my internship. I love to do research and work on solutions for certain issues or work out drafts for manuals etc. which I am allowed to design on my own. Luck has it, that I am allowed to work on my own schedule and needs, regarding my current To-do-list. My colleagues are happy to help me out if needed. Best of all, I am learning a lot by watching the daily processes and I am getting a lot of tips I am going to need in my future.

Long story short: I am learning loads and I love it. Most of all I love that I am going to see results of my work. An outcome, a product. My work.

Bumpy way, great outcome

It has been a long way to work out a solution for me to do my internship. Fortunately, I have an understanding employer and we‘ve found a way in the end. My whole study depends on the internship. If you can’t do it, you aren’t allowed to do the final exam. And this, obviously, is what I am planning to do in June. I have to, because we have already booked our vacation and I want to enjoy it to the fullest, not thinking of anything study-related. Maaan, am I looking forward to the holidays!  By June, I am definitely going to be in bad need of a break.

I found my thing

Nevertheless, I am having a great time. I think, it is all a matter of the mindset. Do I have a lot to do? Yes. Do I have to multitask? Yes. Do I have to do a lot of motivational work to get my second bachelor thesis started? Hell, yes.

But I am going to make it. I know I do. Because I have already worked so hard and I won’t throw away my achievements.  I am still chasing my dreams and even if this journey may come with some bumps in the road, the feeling of jumping over them is worth every struggle. The key is to look for the good things, the things you love to do. When you have found them, every day has a meaning. Every day is a gift. Which it should be anyway.

I am having a great time, because I found „my thing“  and because I have decided to be optimistic and joyful. Life is full of such decisions. It is our decision what we are making out of our life.


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