Europe: Torn between hate and love

Tic Tac Toe with hearts.

Refugees Welcome

Today I came to think of the summer 2015. In summer 2015 a wave of refugees, people who were in desperate need of help, people who had the hope to get asylum in one of the European states, washed up the worst among the European population. A situation which only would have required to help and show some altruism ended with a wave itself. A wave of ugly and despicable hate soaked through the surface of an allegedly high developed land, emerging in the limelight of social media and Facebook in particular.

I came to think of it today, because during breakfast I saw a post on Facebook about a little Syrian girl who was murdered on her way to Europe. The story is very sad but what shocked me the most where the comments below the post, one saying – with smiley faces (!) – “good riddance, that another one didn’t manage to benefit from the social system.” That is disgusting. The hate on Facebook and all over Europe is disgusting, words can’t even cover what I am feeling when I stumble over another hate-comment. And there are plenty of them.

What is wrong with you Europe?!?

I get it, that there is fear because there are black sheep among the hundreds of thousands refugees, but how are we supposed to name those haters among Europeans? It doesn’t feel like they are only the black sheep of the population. It seems like an actual movement of hate. A range of users on Facebook and Co wish innocent children the death in gas chambers, insult volunteers who help refugees, some even wish for the time when Hitler came to power. I mean, really?! Did they ever happen to have visited a proper school? Weren’t they taught in history? Did they ever hear about the World War II??

What if people demanded their own death? What if people post under picture of their three year old daughters that they wish for them to die in a gas chamber?

I don’t get it! And thank God, I don’t. If I would, I would be as gross as those haters and I would rather die myself than be that full of hate. We are all of one kind and we should treat each other with respect! But I will never respect people who spit on other human beings, people who speak up on Facebook, behind an imaginary curtain of anonymity, insulting human beings and their families in the most despicable way. Such people have lost every right to be treated with respect.

In 2015 I was shell-shocked given the spreading hate of refugees, but back then I was hoping the wave of hate would subside. But it never did. The comments on the Facebook-Post I read today show it. So, I was asking myself. Where are we heading?

I don’t know the answer and honestly, I am afraid of thinking about the outcomes of this movement.

Fortunately, I have heard from a positive story too. A company in Austria has offered a young Syrian man a job. The whole staff greeted the young man with open smiles and warm words. Easy, because the whole staff treats each other with respect and the young Syrian is now one of them. I was so happy when I heard about this because it shows that there are exceptions out there. Good people, kind humans, still exist. It is important to bear that in mind. It is important to remind ourselves that besides all the hate love is still out there.


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