New challenges, new personal gain

People holding their fists together in an office.

After a month at home finishing my first bachelor thesis (Yeah! 😊 ) and getting some other overdue stuff done, I have finally started my internship. And man, am I lucky! Ok, I have only started my work there 3 days ago, but I have a feeling that I am a very lucky girl to have the chance of doing my internship at this very company.

I love my internship

Where should I begin? The office is brand-new with lots of wood and warm colours and I have my own cubicle with everything I need. Apart from the beautiful new office, the company offers several benefits for its employees, including one free lunch a week, a well-equipped kitchen and even an English course once a week which I am allowed to attend. Honestly, I am not used to such generosity. This company is a place where hard and great work gets done every single day, but the people are happy by doing so. In the end, it is quite simple: if the employees are happy, the customers are too and so is the boss. We tend to forget that we are spending the greatest part of the day at work and therefore it is important to make this time well spend for all parties concerned. It’s the small things – a “Thank you” or “Well done” every now and then – that work best, so why are there so many companies still out there simply ignoring that fact?

My new colleagues are the best

The thing I appreciate the most are my new colleagues and boss. I had a very warm welcome. Everyone is so friendly and attentive and made the start of my internship easy. It is a great relief when you feel welcome and not like an outsider. I am only the new intern and my time there is limited, but they already made me feel like one of them.

Eager to learn

I am looking forward to the next few months. I expect to learn a lot about marketing, PR and social media marketing and I am sure that I will leave this company with competent knowledge and experience I can use in the future. Additionally, I have the feeling I will leave this company with another great knowledge: the knowledge that friendly and attentive people still exist right next to us. You only need to have an open mind yourself and the ability to appreciate every single second of knowing them.


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