How important is a social life?

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Since the beginning of 2018 I am at home. In Austria, it is called “Bildungskarenz”, a leave for further education and I chose to take this opportunity for my bachelor study. Believe me, I am so happy I did this, because otherwise I wouldn’t know how to cope with writing my thesis and all the other tasks at hand. A lot of work needs to be done and it is great to have the time to do it.

It is like a home office

Somehow, it is like working in a home office. I start my day with my man early in the morning and by the time of 8 a.m. I am sitting in front of my computer working. During my lunch break I do some training or go for a run, eat and in the afternoon, I spend another couple of hours over a specialist book or in front of the computer. This way I get a lot of things done before the evening, which I can use for fun things and spend with my man.

Sounds great? Well, it is! But…

Honestly, it is not as great as it might sound. After one week alone at my house I have to admit that I miss the people around me. I have to acknowledge that I am a social human being after all. Although I am good at spending my time alone and most of the time I really enjoy it, I need interaction from time to time. Therefore, I have learned my lesson and stuffed my calendar with meetings with friends and family to keep a sane mind. Because spending too much time alone might have the effect of feeling lonely and as we all know, that is not a good feeling.

Luckily, I am going to start my internship in two weeks and get back my social life in a job. The experiences in the last weeks made me recognize, that I am not the kind of person who likes to work at home the whole week. So, the upside is that I know that now. Even though I have so much to do, I need to go out and meet some people during the day. Which is new for me. I thought I am good on my own and I have always been proud of that. But now, I know better. And I have proven for me one thing: I won’t know if I don’t try.

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