The world’s worst skier

View from Gemeindealpe in Styria, Skis and Germknödel.

As a response to my latest Instagram-Posts, an old friend of mine told me: „Skiing is not for people of the lowlands.” Of course, he is a born and bred mountainguy and supposedly skier extraordinaire…hello Georg! 😉 But maybe, he is right. At least, in my case. Or maybe it isn’t a matter of our origins, but our experiences and motivation.

The World’S Worst Skier – that’s me.

Looking back to last Saturday I can say, skiing is not for me. I am absolutely and definitely the world’s worst skier. I am sure, everybody can learn how to ski, but only, if you really want to. Let’s get to the bottom of the problem: I am not sure, if I am really into skiing, at least, not enough to get the required motivation. Motivation and passion is the key to success and skiing is not something I would associate with passion. Maybe it is because I never learned it properly as a kid and never got the chance to really enjoy it. My association with skiing is only one thing: torture. I can say, I am well trained and in quite a good shape, but I was dying on Saturday! Dying! All due to my gracious posture on skies…(stiff as a plank, bound forward, arms outspread ….)

I’m in a predicament

So here is the thing: I hate skiing, but I love the mountains and since I want to enjoy them not only in snow-less months, I might have a teeny-tiny problem here. I have hiked mountains also in the winter, but the descent should be fun, especially because only in winter you have the opportunity of riding down the hill rather than hiking down, which is always a bit boring.

Just recently, I’ve tried to descend with a bob (Stingelbob or Zipfelbob?! 😉 ), which was really fun. I honestly loved it. But that’s not a good idea in deep snow… so I am still stuck with my not-able-to-ski-problem. I would really love to start ski touring, but for this you need to be a good skier to be able of a descent in deep snow. On the other hand, if I managed to get back down the mountain in any way, I would be good with that.. I could skitour up-hill and descend with the skies on my back. 😀 That would be a sight. 😊 Desperate times require desperate measures.

There’s only one solution

Anyway, I feel – despite my hate of skiing – my only chance to enjoy the mountains at the fullest also in the winter is to attend a proper course and learn how to ski. The only question now is when…I still have to do my study, write two bachelor thesises, do an internship and learn for the big exams. Looks like I am bound to wait until next season. But let me assure you, I am going to write about my experiences as a ski-lover (at least mountainlover with proper skiing-skills for descents) next winter.

For now, I have to sit it out and learn to appreciate the upside of simple winter-hikes in a snow-less landscape. Cheerio and a happy new year!




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