From Vikings and Mindhunters

A viking's ship at dusk.

Nowadays, a life without Netflix and Amazon Video seems to be unimaginable. The regular TV-program is lacking interesting and entertaining movies or series, therefore it is only natural to lay focus on series on Netflix and Amazon Video. Even my man who has always been strongly against watching any series is now very into it. In the end, he had no choice. 😉

One has to say, series have changed over the past years and today they are as good as big Hollywood productions, often even better than that. Famous actors, great screenplays and big budget have made Netflix productions and Amazon Exclusives a success. Series are entertaining, gripping and there is something else: it is kind of a possibility for escaping a stressful life. When you are in the middle of a series you are familiar with the characters, their families and friends and you want to know what’s going on in their lives.

Unfortunately, every series has to end. The time to say goodbye to your favourite characters can be as hard as saying goodbye to a good friend. My man and I experienced a feeling of emptiness after finishing the fourth season of “Vikings”. Ok, we suffered. What were we supposed to do now? How is a life without Ragnar, Lagherta, Rollo and Björn even possible?!

We were lost. At least for a few days.

Now, you can imagine how delighted, i.e. delirious with joy, we were when the start of season 5 was announced for the 30th of November. There are no words, people. We are going to meet old friends! Björn, Lagherta, Ivar.. oh my. I can’t wait! Our evenings are going to be complete again.

I should mention that we were desperate for finding a replacement for “Vikings” (there is NONE) and after some disappointments we found “The Sinner” and “Mindhunter”, which I can also recommend. But if you are really into one series it is difficult to let anything else into your heart. 😉

I think there may be some similarities between being a huge fan of a series and a relationship. The end of the favourite series can be like a break up. I think I even have heard about a study about this topic, I am not sure. But it seems at least possible. Humans want to be a part of something important, important for them, and a series can provide such possibility. If you are forced to face the end of it, a feeling of sadness and emptiness might kick in.

Luckily, there is a huge – a seemingly endless – number of series online on Netflix and Amazon prime, which means, the possibility of finding another favourite series is quite big. Nevertheless, sometimes a series has to end in order to avoid getting boring or even ridiculous. Another similarity to real life: sometimes we have to let go or change direction in order to succeed and achieve our goals.

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One thought on “From Vikings and Mindhunters

  1. Sibylle says:

    Liebe Kerstin, ich bin ganz deiner Meinung! Obwohl ich gar nicht auf Anwalts Serien stehe hab ich aufgrund meiner Liebe zur Royal Family (Meghan) „suits“ begonnen zu schauen und bin schon reingekippt! Eigentlich hĂ€tte man ja genug anderes zu tun, wie z.b. Inhaltsanalyse fĂŒr Bachelor Arbeit durchfĂŒhren oder bĂŒgeln, aber was soll’s…man lebt nur einmal 😉
    Alles Liebe Sibylle

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