Update on „IT“

a dangerously looking Clown.
Pic: Not Pennywise, but equally scary

I am sorry for disappointing you, but I am not going to praise the new movie “IT”, based on the novel of Stephen King. Because that’s my problem: it is only based on the novel. For me, that is reason enough to be disappointed.

As I said before, you can’t make a novel by Stephen King a film. The stories live from the fantasy of the reader and fantasy isn’t something to put on a screen. And IT in particular is something you can’t even imagine properly because it is not as physical as humans and it is evil as hell. Something without a proper body cannot be made up for a movie – only in the heads of the readers. At least, that is as I see it.

However, the new IT Movie is not a bad movie in general. I liked it, but it is not the story of IT.

But two things I do want to praise: Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise is great! Pennywise is as scary as he has always been and that I liked very much. Jim Curry did a hell of a job and Bill does the same, but the kids I admired the most! The young actors starring Bill, Beverly, Ben, Ed, Richie, Stan and Mike have simply nailed it. Although only teenagers, they show great skills of acting. I am sure they are going to make their ways in Hollywood.

Although I was disappointed by the screenplay of IT,  I am going to watch Part II in 2019. I am too curious how that will work out. There are so much changes in the plot that I have to know how they are putting the story together, if so.

If you are as sensitive as me when it comes to changes in the plot of a movie compared to the book, prepare yourself. If you want to watch a scary (in patches) film about 7 kids haunted by Pennywise the dancing clown, I think you are going to like it. Pennywise surely is one hell of a sight.



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