Hello there, Pennywise!

a dangerously looking Clown.
Pic: Not Pennywise, but equally scary

It feels like travelling back to 1995, a time when I was reading books of Stephen King like an addict. My first step into the world of horror was guided by “Stark – The dark half”, followed by Salem’s Lot, Carrie and The Stand. There were many more to come, but none of them made as big an impact on my real world as did IT.

I don’t know if you have ever read it, but If you have chances are good that you never saw clowns the same way you have before. I never liked clowns that much as a child, but after “IT” I was scared shitless! Especially after watching the movie with Jim Curry as Pennywise, the reason why I avoided looking into the bathroom sink for weeks to follow and clowns looked to me like the one above: like horror creatures.

Luckily, I got over it. I’ve read IT two times in the meantime without any disturbing feelings so I thought I became quite tough while growing up, having no problems with clowns at all. Until now. It seems like travelling back in time: IT is going to enter cinemas on the 29th of September, meaning next week!

Of course, I have watched the Trailers and of course I got goose bumps rise all over my body. Did you see the “new” Pennywise? Bill Skarsgard – in real life a baby-face – puts the scare-level up another notch.

I don’t know what to expect, but as I am always preaching about facing your fear, I am definitely going to watch IT next week. And because I am curious how this book-adaption will work. I have always been a huge fan of Stephen King, but the movies of his books have often disappointed my expectations. Which is quite a natural thing, because movies can’t meet your own imaginations of characters and scenes. Especially not movies of a King Novel. As a preparation, I am currently reading IT again and am hopefully going to finish right in time for the movie start. And hopefully I am not going to be disappointed..

However, I am looking forward to IT and I hope I will be able to sleep afterwards. Thank god, we have already made that trip down into Vienna’s canalization two weeks ago! Wouldn’t be that funny after watching IT.  Most certainly I am going to avoid looking into plugholes for a while, but I am sure I will get over it sooner as in the 90s.

……until 2019, when the second Part of IT is going to hit cinemas and Pennywise returns.

”We all float down here…..”






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