A lonley street surroundet by yellow, high grass with a rainbow on the left.

If we like it or not: the end of summer is near. And what a summer this one has been! I can’t believe it is nearly over. Normally, I am not that into summer at all ( I am more of a spring-girl), but this year summer was awesome!

This summer has been a blast

We started our holidays right away on the 1st of July. Three weeks of sea, beach, boattrips and after that lots of hiking and mountainbiking. And no thought about work, study or other obligations. A dream come true!

Even after our holidays, summer showed us its best. High temperatures, long and sunny days spent either in our mini-pool or our beloved patio. Always with a tasty beer or Mojito at hand. Honestly, I think, without said mini-pool and beverage, the heatwaves would have been a challenge. But it was everything but, it was utterly magnificent.

Finally, autumn is about to come

Now, it is September. September! The nights are getting cold, the leaves start to change their colour and I abandoned my Birkenstocks (I so love them!) for Chucks and my summer dresses for Jeans and and a Jacket. Another sign of coming fall is me online-shopping, because I always get that craving at this time of the year (Fall-collections are always so beautiful), so when I purchased ankle boots and a blazer today I knew it was time.

We have to face it: autumn is at the door step. Don’t get me wrong, I do like fall, very much indeed. But the passing of summer is always kind of sad for me. In summer, people are happier, laughing in the streets and more open than they are in winter. It seems only natural: summer is warm and sunny, winter is cold and wet and dark and of course it shows on the people face’s.

With the beginning of autumn I am struggling with the shorter days and the prospect of winter every year anew. It always demands a huge amount of energy to get up in the morning and even more so doing a training in the evening.  My way to fight the end-of-summer-blues – besides doing some shopping  – is going for a run or a hike in the evening and on weekends. It is, for me, the only thing that gives me the so-much-needed energy boost to endure the dark and chilly season. It helps me to see the upsides of temperatures below Zero: reading a book in front of the fire place, the warm and cosy heat of said fire place, more time for cuddling with my man and running in the snow.

You see, end of summer may be a bit sad, but every ending is also the time for a new beginning and I think we should give winter a fair chance to compete with summer. Although this might be a great deal to ask for some people among us, it might also be a chance to learn about another point of view and put some light on the advantages of winter for a change.

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