New task – great excitement

Me, going up the via ferrata on the Paternkofel in the Dolomites.

Well, I have news! I am going to write for a travel blog called and I am beyond excited! 🙂

New task – writing for a small travel blog

I am writing for the book blog for some time now and the owner, Stacey, came up with the idea of a travel blog, written by some of the reviewers of her team and I am thrilled to be one of them.

We are going to write about all the beautiful places we’ve been to so far and I am happy to cover some of the hiking tips. I’ve been so excited, I have already written my first post and you can already read it on the blog now.

I’m excited to write about our hiking adventures…

That is the thing with new challenges. They fill you with excitement and a certain kind of energy you can only get out of the things you love. Apparently, that’s hiking and traveling for me and I love to write about it. I really love new tasks and the challenges that come with them. I haven’t always been that way, though. A few years ago I was always kind of fearing new things and changes in particular. Ok, changes can be tough, but I am convinced of the fact that they always come with an upside. It depends on your own point of view.

…because I gave up the negative thinking

Unfortunately, lots of people – some of them in my own family – are constantly denying the good thing and always are all about the negatives. When I was telling a story about a fun hike, the first – and sadly only – response was: “But that’s so dangerous!”.

It goes without saying, that I am not telling them much about my life now because if everything you enjoy only is answered with a negative phrase you are in danger to become negative yourself. I was lucky and escaped just in time.

But as I said, there is always an upside and in my case it is my endeavour to stay positive. Of course there are still things where I can’t stay positive and there always will be because life has its dark sides like death and the loss of one of your beloved. There is no upside to that. Nevertheless, I do believe that even then we have to regain strength and optimism afterwards, individually in our own time.

Take a look at the upsides

Back to the good things and new challenges. If you ever have the chance to do something you know you would have great fun with, please do! No skiving like “I can’t do that.”, “I won’t succeed.”, “I am not that ambitious.”, “I’m not good with changes.” etc. etc. etc.

If a door opens you should at least take a look and give it a go. Even if it doesn’t work for you in the end, you know the saying: “When one door closes, another one opens.”


But this one, I like best:

“And suddenly you know…It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” (Meister Eckhart)





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