Time out in the mountains

The Dachstein, in the front the outdoor shop Ski Willy.

Last weekend we made a trip to the mountains, to the Dachstein to be precise. The long weekend was the perfect opportunity to climb up to the top of the Dachstein. So we thought. Unfortunately, there is apparently more snow now than there was in winter and we had to give up halfway.

I nearly reached the top of the Dachstein

Nevertheless, I am very proud of my achievement because it was my very first snow climb, so to say. 🙂 And I loved it! The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time up there, also doing some touristy stuff like the skywalk or the Icepalace.

And I couldn’t get enough…

On top of that, I came up with the idea of doing another via ferrata in the evening and so we ended up on another top of a (not that high) mountain. What we were not happy about though was the fact that there were no signs of where to go back to our car which is why we made some extra miles up an down the hill. 😉

But in hindsight it was very funny. At least I think so. Maybe if you ask my man he would say something different. 🙂

We made another hike on Sunday and visited some local pubs for one or two beers..you know how we are

We saw bears and met met wonderful people

On our way home we visited a park and finally had the chance to see some bears!  Yes, in Canada we weren’t that lucky. If we knew we only had to drive 200 km instead of several thousand miles to see them
 and they are so cute!

We had our difficulties to say goodbye to the mountains and especially to our hosts. We had a wonderful stay at their little farm and fell in love with their cows and sheep immediately. Living on a farm at the foot of the Dachstein has its benefits and I am still a bit sad we had to leave. People in the mountains are much more laid back and happy. I don’t think that is only my imagination. I really do believe that. They are so friendly and forthcoming and so, so different to people in Lower Austria.

It was great to feel welcome and be greeted with a smile and not a sneer. So, who knows? Maybe someday we are going to live there.  I would like that very much. I feel much more like myself when I am among people who feel and think like I do myself and try to make the best out of every day. Every minute is well spend, every chat is animating and meeting new acquaintances is simply a great pleasure.

I wonder when people in the East of Austria start to think alike. They are missing so much of their lifes already.



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