A Woman’s Life in 2017

Black surface showing "50:50", the Zeros are the symbols of the genders.

I already have written a post on Women’s Day in March but now I have to do so again. Because the problems us women still have and the inequality we still have to experience in 2017 are not simply going away.

Because there was a crowdfunding of women

In Austria a couple of women have started a crowdfunding initiative for a women referendum to fight against inequality. Yes, crowdfunding. We have to pay for the chance to be regarded equal to men. Our politicians aren’t doing anything and therefore we have to do it ourselves.  Of course I have happily and without a thought given money for the crowdfunding because I want our world to become  a better one. And therefore I do what has to be done. It is as easy as that.

So why is it still that difficult, even impossible it seems, to get the same rights, opportunities and appreciation as men?

I am sick of being judged for what I do only because I am a woman!

It seems, a woman is only a woman when she becomes a mother and wife. No, that’s wrong. If a woman becomes a mother she is a bad mother when she gives her child into kindergarden because she wants to earn money and live a balanced life. On the other hand, she is also a bad mother if she stays at home with her kids and has time to “spoil them”.  So what to do?

And what with women like me, who don’t want to become a mother? Then you are selfish and not a real woman.

Moreover, why the fuck do we still have to justify our decisions me make for OUR lifes?!? It is our life and not the life of others. So why is it so hard for women? Why are decisions men make so easily accepted?

A man is a hero either way, if he stays at home with his child or if he decides to stick to his job in order to feed his family. And if a man decides to not become a father, nobody questions it.

A lot of circumstances women have to justify are more than normal for a man. If you ask me, that is not acceptable. Not in 2017!

We have to stick to our guns

Therefore, it is very important to stick to our guns, keep doing what we want to and never get tired to remind our society of the inequality concerning our sexes.

Most of all, STOP JUSTIFYING YOUR DECISIONS!  Your life choices are for yourself and only for yourself. No matter what others say. And if they don’t stop asking and making sleazy comments, they can go and fuck themselves!

With this in mind: Stand up, go out and be what you are. FABULOUS!!!

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