Why I can’t handle appointments anymore

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If your calendar looks like mine it is loaded with appointments and like me, you may not even know how it has become that way.  These days I can`t handle appointments anymore! And with appointment I mean every single date I have planned, inlcluding visits with our family and friends next to doctors, other treatments or trainings.

I don’t know when was the last time my man and I had nothing planned and could do what we prefer to everything: living for the day.

The worst thing is, that weekends are supposed to be like that. They should give us the time for relaxing and doing the things we want to do, without having a plan beforehand. But at weekends we have to meet with family or friends and, believe me, meetings with our families are definitely as exhausting as a day at work. We love them, but some of our relatives are not easy to handle.

What with the friends, they are great, but nevertheless I can’t wait for the first weekend where we have nothing (!) on our agenda!

The thing is, dates and appointments are tiring for me and they are worse if I have even the slightest feeling of people tearing me apart which can happen quite fast, e.g. after being asked for a date three times in a row in between my studies and – even worse – my attempts to spend quality time with my man. When people are tearing at me, my mood changes in a bad way and I don’t like that!

So, what shall I do? My man and I have tried so many times to simply stop making appointments, but after a while it is all the same. It isn’t even possible to strike a balance. We’ve tried that too. The thing is, if you have a social life, catch ups are vital.

The only upside is that there are a few weeks where all gets quiet and we finally get the chance to come down and enjoy several days in a row without disturbances.

It is true that I am quite busy with my studies, but I have always found the time for my private life. A period like the past few weeks is making a challenge out of finding time for relaxing. Having an appointment is stressful, at least for us. Not only workdays but every weekend we have to be somewhere at a certain time and even nice dates are spoiled by a feeling of stress beforehand.

Fortunately, coming weekend is the first after a long time where nothing is on our agenda and I can’t wait for it. I don’t know what we are going to do, but that’s what we are looking forward to: enjoy the moment, without sparing a thought about appointments.

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