Being passionate

Two pair of feets standing by the words "Passion led us here"

Passion is a strong word but not only that. Passion is a strong (the strongest?) feeling and the best engine for pursuing your dreams.

Last week I had the pleasure watching the band of a friend of my man doing just that. You could utterly feel their passion and joy through their music and performance and passion is somehow infectious. Watching people do what they love is an unforgettable experience. And afterwards you want that for yourself too.

Pursuing your dreams is mostly about passion but it is hard work and of course, episodes of disappointment too. The friend of my man and his band played for 2.000 people and for only two. Last week there were about 40 people. Even if they were disappointed, they didn’t show. The thing is, I honestly think they don’t mind because they are happy to play for their audience no matter how big it is. Of course they would be delighted to play for 2.000 people again but they still give their best for only two. I think it is always a matter of from which side you chose to see it. In case of said band I am quite sure their passion and patience and hard work is now going to pay off!

Passion is essential for artists. You can feel if a musician loves what he/she does or if only money is their motivation. Only passionate music is honest music.

But not only musicians have to be passionate, although it is one of the businesses where you can’t be successful without. Writers need to be passionate too, because the readers can feel it if they are not. Stephen King wouldn’t have been that successful without passion and love for is work. You need to be passionate to keep on writing and working on your style and characters. Writing is a craft for a reason!

I think, no matter what job you have, you need to love what you do to be able to hang on. Imagine a doctor, a nurse or a firefighter without passion! You can’t do that for long if you don’t do it with love.

So what to do if you don’t like your job? Or worse, if you can’t stand it anymore and every workday equals torture?

You know it already. And I know, knowing is not enough. After knowing (i.e. acknowledging) comes doing. That’s the tough part. You have to find the thing you are passionate about and believe me, that’s no easy task.

What helped me is to think about the things I loved doing as a kid. After a while, things became clearer and I started to DO.  I can’t say I have found my real passion already, but I can say I have found a way that has brought me a big step closer to it. For one, I know writing is going to be a part of it and I have a feeling that PR or advertising might be there too. Last but not least, I want music to be a part of it because I love music and most of all I love the feeling of awe when I hear a song that touches my heart. That’s the rare moment when passion meets passion, a moment when life is suddenly so bright and colourful and joyful like fireworks.


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