Mission accomplished

Türkensturz, view from the street

I did it!!!!

In my last post I told you I was going to attend a course climbing a via ferrata and how nervous I was before that.

I did my first course on a via ferrata

Yesterday was the day. I met with my guides for a quick briefing about what to expect and at 9 a.m. we were on our way to our first via ferrata of the day with the other participants. Luckily, the others were great guys. A great group is the half of a success.

If I had to describe the course with one word I would choose “calm”. Our guides are the kind of people I would describe as laid-back and this attitude was infectious. Which was a good thing and worked great while looking up the via ferrata waiting for us rookies.

I really did succeed! Who would have thought?

Believe it or not, but I climbed up the thing as if I would do so every day. No problems, no hesitations and the best of all: no fear! And for what seems like the first time I was not the weakest link in the group. You can imagine that I was proud of myself.

So, the first via ferrata was child`s play (I know that’s arrogant, but let it go for now, will you?!), but for the afternoon a way greater challenge was waiting for us. A via ferrata with a difficulty level of C and even a D at the end for an unforgettable finish. Unforgettable is the best word for this VF, because besides the difficulty level it is very exposed. In every regard a first for me.

And I did it again!

Unbelievably, I did it again. I still can´t get my head around it, but I really did it. More so, again I didn`t have great difficulties doing so. Normally I would have panicked. I don`t know what it was, either I had a good day or it was because I knew the guides could have helped me if I have had troubles. Oooooor, it could be because I have improved my skills since I started climbing in the climbing gym last winter. That’s the question I can only find an answer to by trying again ASAP.

Yes, this VF was not that easy as the first and at one point I struggled shortly, but I made it anyway. I only had to tell me, you can do it and don’t stop! Keep on climbing and you will reach the top in one peace and happy. J

And happy I was. I still am. I still haven’t realised that I climbed up that rock. Today we were there with the bikes. Watching other climbers and thinking, I was up there yesterday was so weird. It so not me to succeed at such things. So, this is a first in every regard. Maybe that’s why it takes some time for me realising it.

I had so much fun yesterday and I am so glad I took part in this course. I think it did me good. I now know my boundaries and I know what I can do. That’s an enormous effort and a big step in my progress. For everyone who is struggling with facing challenges, please do it anyway. Experience, either good or bad,  is so important for our lives and facing challenges is a great way to get to know yourself better.


But I had to struggle beforehand:

That’s how afraid I was

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