Jitters are not going to stop me

As I may have mentioned before, I’ve started climbing last winter and honestly, I am still struggling with difficulty levels over a IV. I thought I would be able to climb a route with a difficulty level of V and VI at this time of the year, but I was wrong. 🙁

I am still on my way…even if a tad slower than others

I am not proud of that, but I am not going to stop. Only regular training can bring me to the level I want to climb. Additionally, I have to come over my fear. The problem is, that I can’t really say what that fear is about. I know I am safe on the rope and I know I won’t get hurt easily, but still, I can’t come over it that easy. However, I have to gain control of it because indoor climbing is way easier than outdoor, which is where we are going in only a few weeks.

One way to come to grips with my fear is an outdoor climbing course I am going to attend in two weeks. The course is about climbing a via ferrata with difficulty levels about B to D and believe me, a D is climbing an exposed route. The only difference to sport climbing is that there is an iron rope and sometimes ladders to hook in the karabiners of your climbing gear in order to get up the rock.

I faced my fear – again

I have done several via ferratas in the past and I know what to expect in a way, but I’ve never done a D and the only C I’ve accomplished was not that exposed, otherwise I would have struggled more.

Therefore, I am a bit nervous to say the least when I think about the course in two weeks.  The upside is, that I really like the course instructor. I know her from the climbing gym and I am optimistic that she might be able to push me out of my comfort zone to end up happily on top of the mountain after a successful climb. I really hope I’ll suceeed!

Even a role model like Conrad Kain can’t put away my fear

Yes, here I am. The girl from the mountains who has Conrad Kain as her personal role model but nevertheless finds herself scared shitless when facing a new challenge in climbing a (quite easy) via ferrata. Why are some people fearless and others (me) quite the opposite when it comes to sporting challenges?

In my case, my mum and grandmother always telling me about the “dangerous things” in life (e.g. climbing a ladder, taking a bath in the cold river, mountainbiking, skiing, rollerblading,…etc…etc) might have something to do with it. However, somehow I have to ban the fear out of my system because I am the only one who can do that. Maybe other people in my life have planted it in my head, but only I can do something against it. Starting – again – with another outdoor-challenge.

To be continued…


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