Are you afraid of aging?

An old couple on their way down to the beach.

I have an aunt who is 91 years old. Said aunt had to go through several problems with her heart and lungs in the last month but nevertheless is still in a good mood. We visited her only yesterday and again I was so impressed by her attitude.

Yes, she is weaker now than she has been a year ago but with 91 years of age and after pneumonia that is only normal. My aunt is definitely a role model for myself. The way she is aging is the way I want it to be for myself. With the right amount of humour, serenity and also a bit of a kick-yourself-in-the-ass-attitude when needed.

Fortunately, I know another example of aging well. The grandfather of my man is 92 and he is in a very good shape I think, beside some problems with his legs. In his case, a glass of red wine  or Schnaps from time to time and still taking pleasure out of looking at women are factors that do one’s bit. 😉 You see, he too has a positive attitude of life.

Additionally, both my aunt and my man’s grandfather are still enjoying reading serious newspapers and even books. Entertaining yourself and your brain is certainly another thing to maintain throughout your whole life.

On the other hand there is my grandmother. She is about 15 years younger than my aunt but she is not coping that well with aging. It is true that she had to deal with diseases and still has but she is not fighting. Instead she is waiting for the right doctor to give her cure with only the right medics. I got the impression that she has given up and that is the greatest mistake you can make.

If you are young you don’t know what to expect with aging. I don’t know how I will feel at the age of 75 if I am still alive. But I am sure that the right attitude is the key to make the best out of every stage of life.

As I said to my man yesterday, the most important thing is to never lose interest. Always keep yourself busy to learn new things. Therefore, you can read books or try to meet interesting people to learn how they are doing in life.

Besides keeping your brain busy, keeping your body fit is another key to a long and happy life. My grandmother was never an active person. She only took her bike for short distances and I think she never went for a longer hike. Not to speak of a run in the park.

Yes, in the 60s sports was not that big a thing as it is nowadays, but people did go for a hike or went swimming. Nowadays it certainly is easier to keep yourself busy with all the different sports like Crossfit, climbing, running, hiking, skiing, biking… there are countless possibilities. Therefore, it is very easy to do at least some exercise, even if you are not that athletic.

However, as I mentioned above, the most important thing is to never lose interest. If you are losing interest, you lose everything. Even if you are one of the people who are never going to enjoy any exercise then at least never stop trying new things. Never stop reading. Never stop talking and most of all, never stop listening. Listening to other people is another way to learn from them, to hear about their life, their adventures and maybe get some ideas for yourself.

Yes, I am a bit afraid of aging, afraid of my body betraying me and getting weak, but I am not afraid of losing any interest in the good things in life. As long as I can walk, talk, read and listen everything is going to be fine. And if I am not able to do so anymore, I am sure other possibilities will arise as long as I am looking for them.


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