It’s going to be exciting!

Girl, sitting on a heap of books, only her feet and a book is visible.

Finally, holidays have arrived and I am in between semesters, which is great. It could be even greater, if I hadn’t caught a cold…

Anyway, the semester is over, the last exam is done and fortunately – and unexpectedly – it was a success. As mentioned before, I still can’t believe how fast time is running and that we have arrived in the middle of our study. The next semester is going to be another challenge and, as our lecturer said, a very exciting one.  We will see. Exciting for a lecturer often equals exhausting for a student. 😉

However, I am currently enjoying the holidays even with a cold and “relaxing” is the slogan. But honestly, although I didn’t want to read any university-related books, I am finding myself doing exactly that.  Funny, how much I am enjoying myself with books about Social Media Marketing if I don’t have to actually learn that stuff for an exam. Ok, Social Media Marketing is not that good an example because it IS interesting. Not like Business Processes or Data Science…;-) This are topics I am easily going to blank out during the holidays.

Honestly, reading books about marketing and social media in my spare time is something I really see as a good thing. It only confirms my choice of study. Because it obviously really is my thing. After years of looking for “my thing” or at least a lead into the right direction that certainly is a great relief but also a great revelation.

I like the feeling of excitement while reading about marketing and storytelling and most of all when the ideas pop up in my head. Ideas I am going to make a reality some day. Actually, as I have taken on a little project for a friend of mine a few ideas may become reality quite soon. I am grinning right now. I think you should know. 😉

It certainly is going to be exciting!


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