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Lately, I did a lot to thinking about our society and where this (i.e. Trump) is going to go. I mean, we all had the displeasure watching a crazy man playing president and putting everything the US stands for in jeopardy.

Women march

If there even is any upside, it is that everyone against such actions is teaming up with kindred spirits. Did you see all those women marching to make their voices heard? Over 5 million women all over the world took part in this historic event.

For me, it was very moving to look at the huge crowds of women (and men), united and speaking up for an important purpose.

As chance would have it, I had to write an essay for University about Gender Studies and the difficulties women still have in a world of men, especially concerning employment and the gender pay gap.

Again – the pay gap

I am still struggling with the fact that there are income differentials only because of the sex, not because of different educations. If you are a woman you earn less money than a man in the exact same position with the exact same education. The Gender Pay Gap in Austria in 2016 was still 22,9 %!

Not only is there still a difference in salaries between women and men, but the difference is 22,9% high!

We are living in 2017 and it is absolutely beyond me why (!) men are still earning more money than women with the same professional qualifications.

The only field where the pay gap is under 10%  is Information Technologies.  Unfortunately, there are not enough women studying Information Technology although there is a huge skilled worker shortage.

Choose a job you really love, not a suitable one

Big problem here: women and man are still having problems choosing a job they really love and instead take one on that is more suitable for their sex. And said problem has its roots in the childhood because not the child but society says which is proper girl- or boystuff.

If kids could choose their toys after their very own preferences and no parent would take, for instance, the toy car away from their girl or the Barbie away from their boy, kids would be able to make decisions the same unaffected way as grown-ups.

Teenagers would be able to choose a job they really want, no matter which field it is in. If a girl has a talent for maths and technologies, why should anybody want to make her do a training as a nurse? And if a boy is a talented dancer, why on earth should he become a biologist if he doesn’t want to, only because dancing is not for boys?

Our choices are influenced ones

If we had learned making decisions exclusively based on our own preferences and not influenced by society, there would be more women in IT, Electronics, Mechatronis, etc and more men working as kindergarteners, stylists, dancers and nurses.

I think it is a question of talents and not of sexes. Every human being has different talents, but those talents are absofuckinglutely not related to their sex. In no way. A girl can be gifted with electronic skills and a boy can be a talented cook.  Therefore, we have to encourage our children in their doing no matter what.

Talents – not sexes, or races, or religions!

The fact that there are still people thinking that some humans are above others makes me want to throw up! Is it really that hard to realize, that we are all human beings? Everybody is unique but everybody is of the same origin.

It is about time to acknowledge that we are all different and that’s what makes us the same.  (Unknown Quote)

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