Sometimes I really hate Social Networks

I don’t know how you are coping with the negative developments of our society on Social Networks, especially Facebook, but I can tell you I am disgusted! I’ve been watching the downward trend of the behaviour of our fellow citizens for a while now and I am speechless every single time a new shitstorm breaks Read More

Role Models

Your Mum, your Dad, brother, sister, a friend or even an actor – everyone can be your role model at different stages in your life. As I have said last year, my role model, i.e personal hero, is Conrad Kain, a former mountain guide who left his home behind in order to become one of Read More

Give it a shot

As I‘ve previously mentioned, a new year can be a kickstart for developing a “New Me” in case we stick with our new year’s resolutions. Which isn’t always that easy but worth the effort. You only have to work out what you want to change, if so.   Fortunately, I have already experienced two considerable Read More

Hello 2017

Honestly, is there anything more cruel than going back to work after the holidays, especially in the beginning of a new year? Somehow, everything seems to relax and slow down during the days after Christmas which makes returning to work afterwards even harder than after another vacation. However, a new year also stands for a Read More

Christmas Madness – Here we go again

Today is the 1st of December, marking the beginning of a supposedly calm and blessed time of the year which in reality is the most stressful and nerve-racking month we have to endure every single year: shoppers running wild, hunting for presents for their beloveds, getting stuck in traffic and end up losing their shit. Read More