Charlottesville – Another tale about hate and what it should teach us

There is no week without news about another act of terrorism and violence in our world. I can’t barely remember a time when it wasn’t that way. Must have been long bevor 9/11. However, the events in Charlottesville this weekend are on another level. Racism. Ku-Klux-Klan. Nazis. Those groups seem to rise again, which is Read More

Hiking and Happiness

Recently, I’ve read an interesting interview with an expert about the great effects of hiking in my favourite magazine „Bergwelten“. The most interesting thing the expert said was that hiking increases the quality of relationships for 240 (!) days after reaching the summit of a mountain together – as long as you are over 50 Read More

Where do you belong?

Currently the word “Heimat” is omnipresent in Austria. Not only because the two candidates for the elections in December are using the word “Heimat” for their canvassing;  furthermore, there is a new trend to acknowledge your homeland’s traditions and show it, for instance, by wearing a “Dirndl”. The thing is, there is no English word Read More