International Women’s Day – My conclusion

This year’s International Women’s Day I spent at work – obviously, as I had no day off. I am one of the lucky women who has the same income as male colleagues at the same pay level in the same job. Buuuut, I am still working as a secretary so there are not that many Read More


My thoughts on Gender Studies

Lately, I did a lot to thinking about our society and where this (i.e. Trump) is going to go. I mean, we all had the displeasure watching a crazy man playing president and putting everything the US stands for in jeopardy. If there even is any upside, it is that everyone against such actions is Read More


Austrians Evolution to Evil

I can tell you I am having a rough time settling back into Austrian Society after our vacation in happy Canada. Culture Clash par excellence! I didn’t even imagine that there would be that huge a difference between the mentalities of Austrians and Canadians! Sadly, it is. (You may also read: I`m here) I found Read More