Hello 2017

Honestly, is there anything more cruel than going back to work after the holidays, especially in the beginning of a new year? Somehow, everything seems to relax and slow down during the days after Christmas which makes returning to work afterwards even harder than after another vacation. However, a new year also stands for a Read More

Christmas Chaos

Christmas Madness – Here we go again

Today is the 1st of December, marking the beginning of a supposedly calm and blessed time of the year which in reality is the most stressful and nerve-racking month we have to endure every single year: shoppers running wild, hunting for presents for their beloveds, getting stuck in traffic and end up losing their shit. Read More


City vs Country

As I may have mentioned in the past I am originally from a tiny village in Lower Austria.  It is a beautiful and idyllic village surrounded by the highest mountains of Lower Austria and it has an interesting history.  The first citizens of Nasswald came originally from Gosau in Upper Austria. Their leader, Georg Hubmer, Read More