Just an ordinary weekend – Blue Skies!

Blue Sky with clouds.

This weekend was SO COOL! I don’t know where to start. The most exciting thing EVER has happened. I went sky diving!!!! *SHRIIIIEEEK* Me, a natural coward. But in the past few years, several things have changed. Most of all: me. Therefore, going for a sky dive was just a natural thing to do. 😉

Ok, not so natural. But I’ve wanted to do it for a while now and as my little brother mentioned he wanted to know how a free fall feels like, I grabbed the opportunity and gave him an unforgettable birthday present for his 30th. 😉 Wicked me.

Sky Diving at its best

So that’s why my little brother, my man and I ended up at the hangar this Saturday at 11 a.m. sharp. Surrounded by our family members who wouldn’t have missed this spectacle, we were introduced to our tandem masters and the procedure of sky diving. After putting on our gear we only had time for a little chat before our TMs took us by our harnesses and we were dragged out and right into the little plane waiting for us.

During the 15-minutes-flight up to 4000 metres, I enjoyed the view, watched my brother and my man and was wondering about the fact why I wasn’t nervous. Which I wasn’t. Nobody was more surprised by that than me. This was so not me. Anyway, at 3000 metres we checked the harness, took on our goggles and the next moment the door opened and everything happened so fast: first, a woman all alone, then the two camera men jumped out and took hold on the outside of the plane to film the next people – I watched one of them in awe. He held firm like a spider. My brother was the first of us three. I just sat there watching him, his half body outside, taking is head back, blue sky in the background, and the next second he disappeared. Seconds after, my man was next The same picture in my head: blue sky, head back, and then he disappeared.

Free falling and Blue Skies!

We were 7 tandem teams in the plane and me and my TM were the last ones remaining. As I already said, everything happened so fast. Only about 2 minutes (max!) after the woman it was my turn. The look straight ahead, stunned by the brightness of the blue sky and the beautiful clouds, head back, feet under the plane, eyes closed and down we fell.

Only seconds after the exit and a somersault in the sky I opened my eyes and saw the ground. During the 50 second free fall you reach a speed of 200 km/h. The weird thing was, it didn’t feel like I was falling. No bad feeling in the stomach at all. It felt more like flying. It was loud. The mean thing is, by the time you fully realise you are in free fall, the TM deploys the parachute.

After deploying the parachute everything went quiet and I took a look around my home town, the fields around it and I looked for my brother and my man. They were already landing.  So I enjoyed the last moments in the sky before we had to land too.

After landing, kind of ungracious on my part, we went back to the hangar where we were greeted by our – obviously relieved – family. 🙂

In hindsight…

I was very lucky with my TM who really is a nice guy and explained everything I wanted to know. The TMs of my man and my brother are nice guys too and I think this is crucial. You have to feel in good hands to do something crazy like that.

But honestly, I still can’ t believe that happened only on Saturday. I can’t believe we have been so brave, more so, had so much fun. It was an unforgettable event, something I hopefully will never forget. Sky diving is something extraordinary, fun, exciting and beautiful. I would do it again. Maybe on my 40th. We will see.

The weekend had only begun

It wouldn’t have been a weekend of mountainlovers if we wouldn’t have been in the mountains. Our trip on Sunday was extraordinary itself. We stayed at my mum’s and started in the early morning hours up the Schneeberg and did a traverse after which we went down on the other side of the mountain. 1500 metres of altitude in less than four hours, followed by the descend of another two.

This tour was quite something too if you ask me. 🙂 We take it as a training for our vacation next year. There are several more hikes like that to follow. The journey of my new me isn’t over, it only just begun. Higher mountains are calling.

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