Holiday flashback

Me looking down Ködnitztal.

Sadly, vacation is over. It went by so fast, but we had the greatest time. First of all, our way led us to beautiful Croatia. The perfect get away from stress at home and even more perfect after passing my final exam of my study. So, so beautiful! The sea, the beach, the delicious food. I couldn’t have wished for a better start of our holidays. Again, we had our little boat with us and went to lonely bays, far away from the crowded places. We even went for a bike tour, a trailrun and a hike up the highest mountain of the island.

The stopover Carinthia came with childhood memories

After three days of unpacking, cleaning of our boat and packing for our upcoming tour we went to Carinthia. Our Bed & Breakfast was only 2 minutes away from the lake where the guests had their own private beach and cabins, including our own deckchairs. Best of all, there was even a pedal boat. Which was beyond cool! The last time I sat in a pedal boat was as a child and therefore I was so happy to be able to explore the lake by boat. So fun!
But we weren’t only lying at the beach. We went for a hike (What else? 😉 ) and the next day we planned to ride our bikes up to a mountain hut from which we wanted to hike the rest of the way up to the mountain peak of the Mittagskogel. Unfortunately, our plans where crashed by two rangers who expelled us from the trail. Because of a misinformation we weren’t aware that on this trail biking is forbidden. Lesson learned. But we found an alternative route up to an old ruin, which was beautiful too.

Highlights in East Tyrol

After our short stay in Carinthia we went on to East Tyrol. Our plan: as many hikes and bike tours as possible at the foot of the highest mountain of Austria. The Grossglockner. It was the first time I saw him from the Tyrolean side and I fell in love immediately. Next to Mt. Robson it is the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen.
Motivated by the sight of the Grossglockner we started with a kind of a low key hike through one of the most beautiful valleys I have ever seen. It reminded me strongly of our time in Canada in 2016. Green grass, high mountains, turquoise river…..and – typical Austria – lots of cows and sheeps.
The next day was the most challenging with a long and demanding hike but we got rewarded with great impressions and a pleasant hiking partner through the half of the hike. The following days we spent our time with another hike and bike tours which were as great as the other. How could it not be in such surroundings? The landscape is breath-taking.

To the point

Every trip has come to an end and so did our time in East Tyrol. I may say we had everything we needed for a perfect vacation. We had the sea in Croatia. We had beautiful mountains and a turquoise lake. There weren’t that many other tourists out there which is always a big plus for us. We had great food, great people and great hiking tours and mountainbike trips. It was a perfect time away from everyday life and stress. As I mentioned in my last post: the mountains are a place where I can calm down completely and forget, at least for a while, about the life at home.

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