Drei Zinnen, Tre Cime on a sunny day.

Yep, I did it! Yesterday I passed my final exam. I can’t believe I finally finished my study. I don’t know what to do with the newfound spare time?!?

Ok, that’s a lie. Of course, I know what to do: first, I am going to do a lot of relaxing. 😊 And reading. But you know what I am looking forward to the most: our vacation in the mountains! Yippiiieh!

Time out in the mountains

We are starting our holidays soon. Fist in Croatia and afterwards we are going to Carinthia and Tyrol. Hiking, biking and everything else we find ourselves doing, surrounded by a beautiful landscape with even more beautiful mountains. I can’t wait. But you know that. I have missed the mountains in the past weeks and months. We only had time to do some trailrunning on the hills around our home town. And when we had the time to go for the mountains, the weather was bad. Anyway, now it’s not the time for whining, it is time to start planning our tours and look forward to an exciting time out in the mountains.

What to do in the mountains?

We are planning do some serious hikes in Tyrol and Carinthia. My man has already made a plan for one tour and there are definitely several  more to come. On top of that I want to go for some trail runs and do some mountainbiking. You see, I can’t get enough these days. Ok, since today. Because today is the day after I passed my exam.. Have I mentioned?? 😉

However, I know we will enjoy every second of our trip to the mountains. Because that’s what mountains do with you. There is pure passion followed by pure recreation. I mean, just looking at a range of mountains is enough for me to find my inner peace. Seemingly at once relaxation sets in.

Happy holidays

So, as you can see, I am ready for some serious chill out followed by some serious mountaineering. I will try to write updates on our adventures which I am very looking forward to. But for now, I am going into chill-out-mode and try to work my head around the fact that I finished my study.. I looks like it will take some time until I fully realize…So weird…

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