Time to say Goodbye

A gift basket

I’ve dreaded this day for some time now. And then – the time has come: I had to say goodbye to my colleagues at the company where I’ve done my internship since the beginning of February. I wrote a post at the start of my internship in February and even then, only a few days into it, I was intrigued by those people. They made it easy to like them and the work I was doing there.

Learn something new every day

My work in Online Marketing was very exciting and every day I learned something new. Thanks to my “best colleague (and friend) in the world”, who I owe for being able to work there in the first place. The purpose of the internship was to learn everything there is to know about Online Marketing, Social Media & Co. And S. took her responsibility very seriously. I would never have thought, how much I could learn only in four months. But I definitely did learn a lot.

Upsides and Downsides

The upside of my departing is, that I am now fully armed with a serious amount of knowledge and I am ready for new adventures to come.  I hope there will be some exciting opportunities in my future.

But, as you may already know, the end of my internship has also a big downside: I had to leave my beloved colleagues. Not only S., who I am really thankful for calling a friend but all the other people I got to know better during my time at this company: A., my live safer, B., my new hiking partner, M., my train-ride-partner-in-crime, D., my favourite actress, D.; my charming princess, G., my coach, M., my funny chap and many more….You see, I made friends with really great people.

There are good people out there

After writing so much about episodes with grumpy people in my city I really am grateful to know now: there still are exceptions. And I had the luck to find a lot of them in one place. Loads of luck, definitely. I still can’t believe how warm they have welcomed me and then, the farewell: All staff surprised me after lunch on my last day to say goodbye. Prosecco and gifts included. A sight I will never ever forget. I really had to fight back tears looking at all those friendly faces. I mean, I was only four months there and it felt like forever. In a good way.

Appreciate your memories

On my way home my head was full of great memories and thoughts about how everything will turn out in the future. We all are eager to stay in touch, meet again – starting with a hike by the end of summer. I really do hope so. It would be really sad if I wouldn’t see them again. I do miss them, our chats and our laughs. But I don’t want to mope, I only wanted to say: I am thankful for my time there and the people I had the pleasure to meet. Because that’s what matters the most: being thankful for the good things, take those memories and aim for being the best you.




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