Getaway to the mountains

Schneeberg, Breite Ries.

Enough is enough

Honestly, the last weeks have been challenging. It seemed like everything needed to be done immediately. And there was no time. There never is. Study, household, garden… yeah the garden. There is never enough time for gardening. I still have 12 (!) young cucumber plants and 5 basil plants to handle. Not to mention our 40 (!!) tomatoe plants.

And yesterday I had enough. After seven tough hours in front of my notebook, trying to analyse the outcome of my online survey for my bachelor thesis, I only wanted one thing: leave the house and run for the mountains.

Take a breather in the mountains

Writing a paper is exhausting. I don’t know how you feel, but nothing makes me more tired than hours of brain work. Not even tens of kilometres running up and down a trail. Yesterday, I reached a critical point. I couldn’t think straight anymore. I knew, a trip to the mountains would balance it all out.

So, early in the morning today we drove to the highest mountain in our area and started our hike. After my setback in running last week, we decided to do a hike instead today. But still, we wanted to go up fast. As it turned out, although keeping a steady pace, it is still a long hike – including some easy climbing on the way. In the end it took us nearly three hours until we reached the plateau. Yes, three hours. Three hours only in the moment. It couldn’t have been better.

In the flow

What I like the most about hiking and mountain sports in general is that I can totally forget about my work and every other source of stress. I am fully in the moment. No thoughts about what needs to be done, no thoughts at all. I only concentrate on the next step. Of course, my man and I are talking but not much and it is different. No heavy topics, only nice things. We enjoy every minute we have in the mountains. Even if it is hot as hell or if my foot hurts. 😉

Outdoor Activity and its after-effects

The best thing after outdoor activities: the calmness and relaxation persists. There is nothing as relaxing as time in the nature. I think the combination with exercise is the key. Working out in the nature is different than working out in a gym. You can feel deeper into it. Hiking is exercising, it is arduous. It certainly is when you put some climbing into the mix. 😉 You get tired, but you know what made you tired. That is the difference to brain work: You know, I climbed up a mountain and that’s why I’m exhausted now. I am tired now too. 1200 metres of elevation gain: Of course I am tired! And proud. 😊


I think, having achieved something is another factor why mountain sports is a great thing to do. Reaching the top of a mountain: That is an achievement. There is only few to compare. I would say, it is the epitome of achievement.

Today we accomplished a great elevation gain for our first actual hike in this season. A great starting point for our following trips. There are several routes we want to go, especially long hikes during our vacations in summer. We need to train for it. But it will be so worth it. Nothing is as rewarding as a day in the mountains.

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