Get up and run for it

Me, sitting on a bench, looking at hohe Wand and Schneeberg.

Same old, same old

Apparently, I am still writing on a bachelor thesis. Luckily, it is the second one and therefore the last I am ever going to write. At least at now, I am sure about that.

Since the beginning of the year I have been busy. On a constant basis. I can only vaguely remember the time when I only read books for fun.

The past month I was writing and researching for my two bachelor thesis and I am getting a bit tired. I am so happy, I have chosen a topic I am totally into: mountain sports. Otherwise, I would have had some difficulties, I suppose. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the day when I passed exams. If luck has it, that would be by the end of June. Not that far away. Especially, when I think about the things I have to have done until then.

Mountains are calling

After writing about mountain sports all winter you can imagine how desperate I am for outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found the time for a proper hiking tour, but we have something great for the meantime: Trail running.

Honestly, I am in love. I have always enjoyed running but over the past years I lost my passion for it. I wasn’t able to relax on a run anymore. With trail running I can. I am totally in the moment. In the flow. I would never have thought, I would be able to run up hills and mountains but I am. At least, I am quite good at running up hills. Running up an actual mountain is on top of my list for summer.

Actual mountains are calling

You can call it the training phase now. I found my love for trail running and I want to get better at it. Soon. With trail running I can combine my passion for the mountains with my new found passion for running. My man and I have always aimed for fast ascents, now we are going to run. Not that much a difference. 😉

So, I have a new goal: the ascent of our highest mountain in the area by the end of summer.

No pain, no gain

For achieving my new goal, a lot of training is going to be essential. I have only started several weeks ago and I have to establish a decent constant performance, which can be quite painful. One day it’s the knee, the next it’s the muscle in the thigh and the next it’s simply a matter of bad condition. The hardest part: I have to train running up loads of metres in altitude which is not easy. Not for me, because I don’t have what you would call a runner’s body.

However, with the right amount of training I am confident I will succeed.

In the end it’s all about the fun

Yes, it is. Goals are a good thing if you want to achieve something in life. But I think we are more successful when we really enjoy what we do. I love trail running because I can totally forget all about the stress and focus only on running. Step by step. Upwards. I want to get better at it to be able to enjoy the mountains to the fullest. Because that’s what I want: spend as much time in the mountains, in the nature, and always stay in motion.

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