Why so serious?

Smile and the world smiles with you.

A smile can change everything

Ok, maybe not everything. But a smile can change a lot. I am always wondering, why a smile is such a rare thing nowadays. Just think about it for a second: When was the last time you saw people with a smile on their faces in everyday life? If you ask me: few and far between. Why so?

To be honest, I understand being a bit stressed while running errands, because I don’t like it either. It can be very stressful. Putting on a friendly face while thinking about how you are going to put together a nice dinner for your family and friends regarding all the different food allergies would be heroic. But still, a friendly face can make a difference.

Remember one of my latest posts about us at the grocery store: we made the day of an older man only because we smiled at him and let him go first at the cash desk. It is that simple.

We need to learn to be attentive again

Life is stressful. At least, for most of us. We have full-time jobs, kids, family, friends, hobbies…And we all want to accommodate those things. By doing so, we tend to forget about the people around us. Our head is full of tasks and we are constantly trying to handle them well and on time. Therefore, we’ve developed kind of a tunnel view. We are focused on our tasks. We have lost attentiveness.

We don’t really see our surroundings anymore. I think, that’s one of the reasons, why a smile and attentive behaviour is such a rare thing. Because we have simply lost attentiveness to stress.

Stop wearing blinkers

Although we won’t be able to reduce our daily task easily, we can definitely try to be more considerate towards our fellows. It isn’t that hard. We only need to open our eyes and be in the presence. We need to stop thinking about future events or about putting another thing on our to-do-list. It is important to be in the moment and focus on one thing at the time. If you are shopping, then don’t think about your next appointment at the hairdresser’s. If you are at the hairdresser, don’t think about your next exam. When you are having dinner with your family, don’t think about doing the dishes. Be in the moment and be attentive. Listen, really listen, to your family. Listen to your fellows. Smile at them, laugh with them. Have fun.

Be in the moment

I want to be honest: I am still working on living in the moment myself. Our stressful lives don’t make it easy to cope with all our chores at hand and not think constantly about our to-do-list. But I found out for myself that life is brighter, more colourful, more real when you are in the flow. My easiest way to be only in the moment is in the mountains. While trailrunning, hiking, mountainbiking my mind is focused only on this. No thinking about what to cook or when to learn for my exams. Nothing. Just me, my man and the mountains. It is important to switch off and relax. I look at it as a reset and charging my batteries. Relax, chill out, focus. And you are going to shine, be attentive and smile. You will realize life is fun. I promise.

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