Awakening: It’s springtime

Yellow and red tulips in spring.

Next week is the official beginning of spring. It is about time! This has been such a long and cold winter and I am longing for the warm and friendly season. Unfortunately, winter isn’t about to give up easily. Come weekend it is going to snow again which is cruel after the past days full of sun and temperatures over 15 degrees. I am so tired of winter. I want it to be over. Enough of the cold, enough of the snow.

The joys of spring

I can’t wait for spring: the sun, the flowers, a cold beer in the garden,….just thinking about it makes me feel better. And I am not the only one. While wandering through the city you see smiling faces everywhere. The change of season shows on their faces and their whole behaviour. They seem to be happier. I like that. I like that people are so positive at the beginning of spring.

Spring: a fresh start

Spring seems to be the season of new beginnings. Like pressing a reset button. People start hitting the gyms, studies, courses for further education. Some of them are planning weddings or baby showers. New projects are taken on in the job, for the garden or renovation of a house.

Spring feels like a relaunch of life. During a long, cold winter one finds a lot of time for thinking: Thinking about what went well the past year and what didn’t. Thinking about achievements and new goals. While winter is the time to think and plan, spring is the time for putting a plan into action.

Mountains behold – I’m coming!

For me, spring is the start of the hiking season. Since I’ve spent the last month in front of my notebook writing my second bachelor thesis (and the months before writing the first one), I am desperate for the mountains. And the nature in general. I am planning to continue with trailrunning and I have a score to settle with via ferratas. You can’t imagine how much I am looking forward to our vacation in the mountains. I’ve missed the mountains and I hope I can spend as much time as possible with them.

It isn’t all about fun

In my case, this spring also means studying. The big exam is in June, therefore I have to finish the bachelor thesis and learn, learn, learn. Moreover, I have to finish my internship (which is still great!) and several more projects to work on. Anyway, there will be enough time to enjoy spare time in the nature and with lots of sports. The right balance between work and fun is the key for success. I have been living by this slogan for some time now and I can say it helps not to freak out. In order to be able to handle several tasks at once, you have to balance it with stuff you enjoy. In my case, sports, nature and the mountains are my compensation.

Move on, winter

Listen Winter, your stage time has been long enough. It even included an extra. So please, don’t be a knobhead and just leave. Spring, enter the stage please.


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