From a Mountain Lover

Drei Zinnen, view from the way to Drei Zinnen Hütte.

Maaan, it’s freezing cold these days. Minus 14 C! Adding wind into the mix and you feel like a penguin in Antarctica. Except, penguins always feel warm and don’t mind the cold. But still. You get the picture.

Because I am the world’s worst skier

The Siberian temperatures and the snow make me kind of tired of winter. I miss the warm sun, flowers, green grass and most of all, I miss the mountains. Unfortunately, because of my lack of skiing-skills I had to pass this winter season. Occasionally, I went for a hike with my man and friends, but since I had to descent with a bob, it didn’t work out very well. I did enjoy it, but I definitely missed out on the fun of riding down the hills on skis. Therefore, I am going to do a skiing course right before the next winter season. This way, I am going to be able to take part on skiing tours and enjoy the mountains in winter to the fullest. J

Spring – where are you?

I wanna go hiking.

Right now, though, I am so looking forward to spring! I have had enough of the snow. I want to put on my hiking boots and run for the mountains. 😉 We have already talked about our plans this year and a lot of hikes and via ferratas made in on our To-Do-List. J I can’t wait for our first hike, hopefully it won’t take too long now. Imagining the mountain panorama, the odour of the woods, the joy of hiking and – best of all – the feeling of achievement in the end. I can’t wait to step into a cold mountain stream after a hike and reward myself with a big cold beer afterwards.

A Mountain Lover – better late than never

I will never understand why it took me half of a life to become a true mountain lover. I started hiking only 8 years ago but fell in love immediately. There is nothing better than a trip to the mountains. When I am thinking of our vacation last year visiting the Tre Cime (Drei Zinnen) in South Tyrol I am feeling rather blue. It is such a breathtakingly beautiful place. There are no words for it. Just look at the picture above.

It was also one of the best vacations we’ve ever had. J It goes without saying, that part of our next holidays are going to be spent in the mountains. This year, it will be East Tyrol. We are planning to do some hikes and via ferratas on the Großglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. Challenging? Yes. But also a great adventure.


Unfortunately, it is quite a long time until our vacation begins and I have to bridge the time with training and hikes in the proximity. Besides, there is another Bachelor Thesis to write but I am determined to finish it right on time to be able to spend my precious spare time with things that give me energy instead of spending it. And for me, mountains are the best power source. Nothing beats a trip to the mountains.


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