The Magic of Christmas?

Christmas star in snow.

It’s Christmas Time!! On the 1st of December, right on schedule, Christmas preparations have started. All over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter people are sharing pictures of their baking cookies, arranging their trees and drinking hot chocolate (or wine, like me) in front of their fire places. Even the weather played its part nicely this year and has sent us the first snow during the night to the 1st.

Even I have to admit that I am really looking forward to Christmas this year and, to top it off, I was honestly very happy about the snow. Which is very unlike me. I have never been that much into snow. But this year I truly am. Which is nice for a change.

More so, I have the impression that people in general are more relaxed this year. I mean, Christmas time always comes with great mayhem, at least I experienced it like that for the past decades. Even our suicidal trip to the shopping mall on the first Christmas Shopping Weekend turned out to be smooth sailing. Odd. Very odd indeed.

However, that’s good, isn’t it? I have always complained about all the Grumpys and Grinches around me. Therefore, I am really enjoying myself now. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, walking around town with a smile on their faces and shopping bags in hand. I even have experienced a few acts of attention and thoughtfulness. People are actually helping each other.

It weirdly feels like my wishes were heard and people are acting like humans again.

Let’s hope for the best and things stay that way and aren’t only a spell. The world is much easier and joyful when people are acting nicely. Actually, that’s the main reason why I love the mountains and nature in general that much. People are way more relaxed in the mountains and most of all, there is a certain kind of companionship. You can rely on your comrades, even if they are strangers, and you can feel a certain kind of team spirit. What I like the most is that you can be your true self in the mountains because there are no expectations, no pressure, no stress, which results in a happy and content state of mind. And I think, that’s why interaction with fellow hikers is so easy and pleasant. Because everyone is kind of grounded, as if like a reset button was pressed and all the stress in life is forgotten for good.

Our guide on a whale watching tour in Canada last year said: “Nature is so powerful.” I can only agree, while not only thinking of forces of nature, but of the power nature can release in us. Nature, especially the mountains, constantly remind us of how small we are but at the same time, how big a difference a single person can make by acting nicely to another.







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