Busy Autumn

Our garden in autumn.

Every year I find myself struggling through autumn. It seems, this season comes with an exceptionally long To-Do-List – every single year. At least, in my life.

With autumn a lot of jobs need to be done and if you are owning an old house, like us, you know what I am talking about: First, there is the garden where many things are due in autumn and this year we added a special task to the list a few weeks ago and planted 18 bushes in a day. Besides, in the past weeks we had to harvest our vegetables and walnuts, clear up our greenhouse, cut bushes, dry herbals… and many, many more.

In addition to that, autumn is the time of semester start for me and kick off for several presentations for my man next to our day job. Of course, the amount of work in the office is growing too and last but not least our family wants to see us and Christmas shopping is due too. Praise to online-shopping!


The thing is, I love autumn. It is my favourite time of the year. I love the light, the colourful trees, the fresh air and even the first snow. A glass of red wine in front of our fire place is the best thing to do when it is getting cold outside. I don’t like my beloved autumn to be spoiled by annoying duties. On the other hand, I can’t help myself because those need to be done.


So my man and I found the only possible solution: reward! After every finished task on our To-Do-List we treat ourselves to a special meal, sports, hiking, a good movie or a fun night out with friends. Otherwise, we would go nuts.


Another upside is the feeling of accomplishment. Especially, because we can see the outcome of our work, a result. An office job is not like that. There is no visible outcome, no workpiece or the like. Therefore, a visible result like home-grown vegetables or a (very long) row of planted bushes is kind of a workpiece we are missing in our regular job. So, those autumn-tasks, or any other task for that matter, can be a good thing, especially when you are rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment.


Luckily, I can say m man and I have found our strategy for handling different tasks, the most important is to keep a relaxed attitude towards upcoming jobs and appointments. In the end, even though they need to be done, procrastination doesn’t hurt and sometimes you have to make priorities in order to keep yourself happy. Let me remind you (and myself), work is a good thing, especially when it comes with a result, but it gets even better when you know a nice treat is waiting. But if you have to decide between work or time for your family, you should choose the latter and this is something, I have to keep in mind myself.


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