Back on the wall

Climbing wall in the climbing gym in Vienna.

Inbetween writing on my Bachelorthesis, researching for it and freaking out about it occasionally, I found myself back on the wall. Meaning the climbing wall in a well-known climbing gym in Vienna.

When I first went into the gym yesterday I was staring up in awe. These are some huge walls there. The contrast to our local climbing gym is way bigger than I could have imagined. The walls are two times as high and there are so many routes, I had to google it: 294 rope climbing routes. That’s impressive, if you ask me, especially because there are boulder walls and something I would call a playground for climbers where you can work on your grip and strength too.

After several months without climbing in the gym I had to find my way back to it and as usual it is taking me some time. In the end of our session yesterday I am quite ok with the result, but I have to work on that in the next months until spring if I want to make an effort.

What I like the most about climbing is the “Flow”, the feeling to be in the moment where the only thought is about the next step. Everything else disappears out of your head. No thought about work, money, study or any other problem. You are in the moment. This state of mind is too rare in our everyday life anyway. We are constantly thinking about our future plans and tasks we have to work on and that’s why we simply forget to be.

In climbing literature the “Flow” is mentioned several times and often it is this actual feeling why so many people get hooked with climbing. Which is a good thing, because it is very important to stay focused on the present instead of getting caught in thoughts about the future or – even worse – about the past. Things you can’t change anyway. If you are lucky to have found a possibility to be in the moment use it as often as possible. My brother has found his new passion in running and I am quite sure the “Flow” is one of the reasons why.

People with busy lives like me need something to ground themselves. I love my training, climbing and sometimes a run because those are ways to clear my head.  More so, never underestimate the power of endorphins which flow your body and mind and make you happy and energetic. With the help of exercising I make sure to live a content and balanced life which is the only way I want to live it.

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