Hiking and Happiness

Drei Zinnen, Tre Cime on a sunny day.

Recently, I’ve read an interesting interview with an expert about the great effects of hiking in my favourite magazine „Bergwelten“. The most interesting thing the expert said was that hiking increases the quality of relationships for 240 (!) days after reaching the summit of a mountain together – as long as you are over 50 years old because at a younger age people are still fit and don’t have to define themselves over reaching a summit or not. Besides, men over 50 want to be the heroes for their wives again which I found very cute.

Hiking comes with a great deal of happiness

I really believe that hiking is able to increase the quality of relationships no matter how old we are.  Relationships live from adventures and new experiences – made together or even alone – because as an effect you have something to talk about and share the memories together, with family and friends. If you spend your spare time only on your couch binge-watching series on Netflix & Co, where is the adventure? Do you think, talking about your favourite series is enough stuff to talk about with your spouse for the rest of your life?

However, hiking is special. Next to being a good training, we have to go outside for doing it. Another thing the expert in the magazine said is that exercising in the nature makes us humans happy. Way more happy than exercising indoors. Not to mention the orthopaedic effects of walking on a rough ground that come with it.

Hiking gives you balance in your life

If you ask me, hiking is the best thing we can do for a balanced and happy life. There is nature, there is exercise and there is a sense of achievement. Reaching the top of a mountain is always a very special moment and sharing this moment with the person you love makes it even more special. The combination of joy, pride and a stunning view from the top of a mountain isn’t comparable with anything else. Making an achievement together leaves us stronger as a couple and as a person because we are all growing with challenges.

The definition of a challenge has to be made individually. Some people are satisfied with hiking alone, others need the kick of taking a via ferrata or a climbing route to the summit. Whatever the individual definition of challenge is, the main thing is we have to go out into the nature and seek adventures and new experiences. Nothing major happens with us and with our lives on the couch. Life is outside. In the nature. Where great happiness can be found too.

Happy Post-Climbing-Face :-) <– Post-Climb-Happy-Face 😀

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